Promotion fraught 4 years

Psychologists from the University of Stockholm found that promotion provides a person not only increase the salary, but also 4 years of disease. Men and women move up the career ladder, significantly more likely to report poor health and the level of depression.

Promotion - which is great news for many people, which indicates imminent replenishment bank account. However, the study also shows that this kind of promotion a negative impact on the health of men and women. Running up the career ladder, and people get sick more often experience depressive symptoms after a number of responsibilities at work have increased. And the negative effects can last up to 4 years, as established researchers. Only after this period of health begins to harden, and the person adapts to his new role.

Observations Swedish scientists completely contrary to earlier information received that success in promotions reduce the risk of heart disease over the next 15 years. Now experts believe that the increase in the service may cause undesirable side effects for health in the short term, but it will have a positive impact in the long term. Their findings, researchers have made as a result of observations of the 1400 men and 2000 women, which lasted for 6 years.

In the period from 2008 to 2014 almost two-thirds of the observations of participants did not receive any advances through the ranks, about 700 people have increased once 367 - twice, and 139 - three times. During the same period about 50 people crossed the four steps in the career ladder. Volunteers were asked to rate their overall level of health on a scale from "very good" to "very bad". As they asked questions that allowed to set the level of depression. The most commonly treated with increasing complained of the strongest deterioration in health during the 4 years after the joyous news for themselves. At the same time men often suffer from psychological problems, while women were more common diseases related to work.