The list of foods that can be eaten at night

Nutritionists from the US compiled a list of low-calorie foods for a late dinner.

According to them, dinner is one of the most problematic types of meals: on the one hand an increased appetite after a day's work, on the other - the risk of overweight. At the same time, nutritionists point out that the rejection of dinner does not help solve the problem, but only makes it worse, because sooner or later leads to failure and overeating.

Specialists advised to eat for dinner products because of which can not be afraid of the figure. In particular, they called those dairy products, in particular, low fat milk, yoghurt (natural), yogurt and cheese.

"About the cheese for dinner, probably everyone knows. He did well to stave off hunger and gives a feeling of satiety, it does not harm the stomach and the body before going to bed "- told doctors.

Also, in their opinion, it is well suited for dinner boiled chicken. If you fire it, then it will not low-calorie product, nutritionists warned.

In addition, they recommend eating foliage - not only at night but also during the day. With an abundance of trace elements in it improves metabolism and cleansing functions of the body and increases resistance to stress of the body, doctors noted.

Once for dinner and snacks in the evenings, nutritionists called appropriate and useful fish and seafood (not fried), as well as vegetables and fruits, except bananas and grapes