Nutritionists: Current recommendations for calories obsolete

Known nutritionists call to reduce the official recommendations for adults on the daily number of meals of 2500 calories for men and 2000 for women. Scientists say that these recommendations were written at the beginning of the last century, and they do not take into account the current widespread sedentary lifestyle.

People in many countries are now so inactive that even adherence to dietary recommendations of 2500 calories per day for men and 2000 for women does not protect them from the set of excess weight and obesity. Especially since these recommendations were developed during the First World War, when most of the adults went to work on foot, and was taken to visit friends in person, not by sending them an SMS or e-mails.

Experts of the London School of Economics, analyzed data for 30 years and came to the conclusion that at present the existing dietary recommendations should be reviewed. People of the 21st century is carried out on the couch and in front of computers at work almost all the time. In other words, modern man eats in the same quantities, as his grandparents, but it almost did not move. And in this case, even strict adherence to recommendations is still no effect.

It is possible that the regulations should be reduced by 500 calories based on a sedentary lifestyle. Poor nutrition and physical inactivity - the main culprits of the current obesity epidemic. For example, in the UK are overweight or obese have a 61% of the adult population, and the extra weight - the fourth most important factor in the risk of death after hypertension, smoking and high cholesterol.