How to clean the liver and blood vessels after the holidays

After the New Year feasts experts advise "correct" health gentle cleaning of the body.

In the first days of the year the majority of citizens, as a rule, they go to the winds - overeat sweet and abuse alcohol, do not sleep until morning and then sleep off after lunch, etc. It is not surprising that only a few days, many feel overwhelmed and just go to work just do not have any power - so it's time to give your body a rest from all the fat and harmful, and help him gain strength.

"Of course, most of us have indulged in gastronomic excess. But while we enjoyed the variety of tastes, our liver and stomach suffered. For example, if you are in huge quantities allowed themselves to meat fried and baked dishes, various steaks, baked ribs, chops, kebabs, etc. - Should pay attention to digestion. This is a very serious food for our stomach, because the fibers are red meat violates digestion, cause constipation, give a greater burden on the liver and kidneys, long time to digest, and when it was eaten well, very much, cause the processes of decay in the stomach, "- he said about the impact of food on the body the doctor Viktoriya Savitskaya.

She added that a few days after New Year's feast is a feast for his own move to a sparing diet.

"Give up for a couple of days from the meat at all and go on a vegetarian diet. Nutritionists are also advised to give up starchy foods - pasta, some cereals and potatoes. They block the protein processing and assimilation of proteins. Drink plenty of fluids - pure water, it is possible with a slice of lemon or hot herbal drinks for accelerating the metabolism and the purification of the accumulated toxins. Ambulance for liver and stomach - a couple of days of discharge. Moreover, it is better not to yogurt or porridge, and foods rich in micronutrients and fiber. For example, a cucumber or apples. Before going to bed, you can eat a couple of stuff fresh or dried figs - he will urge the process of digestion. Drink more green or chamomile tea "- suggests the expert.

If, however, during the celebrations you leaned mainly on flour, sweets and a variety of burgers, pizza, hot dogs, it makes sense to drink a few days sorbents, and then arrange a one-day rest the body and unloading on the yogurt. This not only helps to lose a few extra kilos and "start" the metabolism, but also a little bit relieve the liver and stomach, helps to normalize digestion.