Slimming on carbohydrates: Top 10 useful and tasty

Anyone familiar with the situation when you want to eat something "tasty", but not necessarily useful. We can please those who love chocolate and popcorn crunch. Experts gathered information from scientists from around the world about the nutritional products that provide a feeling of satiety, and thus help to lose weight tasty.

1. Popcorn

Unbelievable but true - popcorn not only makes watching movies more enjoyable, but also helps to lose weight. At least in certain of scientists from the Research Institute Rippe Lifestyle (USA, Florida). And all thanks to the high content of fiber and a small amount of fat. From this perspective, the popcorn is a great snack for those who can not imagine my life without chips, nuts, crackers. However, scientists warn that we should not eat popcorn, containing flavor enhancers. It is better to give preference to the usual salty popcorn.

2. Green peas

A handful of peas in a salad or as a side dish to meat, if not help to lose weight, then at least stabilized. He is the fount of protein and fiber, zinc, and promotes the development of "satiety hormone". Peas recommend to enter the menu, not only meat-eaters, vegetarians and scientists from the Hospital of St. Michael (Canada, Toronto).

3. Nut

Researchers from the non-profit public organization Nutrition Australia recommend chickpeas (chickpeas - Ed.). As a snack. Rich in protein and carbohydrates, it instantly provides a feeling of satiety and fills the body with energy. it will replace the meat vegetarians.

4. Brown rice

Researchers from South Korea came to the conclusion that the brown rice, in contrast white, can help to lose weight. Scientists have proposed a number of women to enter into the diet of a mixture of brown and black instead of white rice and eating it regularly 1 times a day. Some time later, the subjects lost weight. But those who continued to eat white rice - no.

5. Wholemeal pasta

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen found that overweight women who adhered to a diet of whole grains, lost more weight than those who ate foods containing refined carbohydrates. Wholegrain pasta have a nizkiyglikemichesky index (a measure of the influence of food after their use nauroven blood sugar - Ed.), Which is equal to 40 while regular pasta has index 50. And as you know, the more sugar in the body, more a person gets better.

6. Sweet potatoes

Scientists from Oregon State University (USA) recommend occasionally indulge yourself with sweet potatoes. This root contains enzymes that promote the absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol.

7. Oatmeal

I think many of you expected to see it on our list. Maybe you feel the presence of this article oatmeal trivial, but let speak in her defense "lawyer" from the US dietitian Bonnie Redman: "The oat grains are perfectly balanced fiber, protein and phytonutrients (vitamins and minerals derived from cereals and legumes - approx. Ed.) to make up for energy. "

8. Barley

According to scientists from the University of Lund cereal grain barley it is a source of energy and an indispensable element of proper nutrition. And it will help to expand your culinary horizons. Not a single buckwheat!

9. Rye and rye bread

Do you think that those who are sitting on a diet of bread is contraindicated? You are wrong! Swedish scientists claim that there is, especially in the morning, whole grain rye bread is not only possible, but necessary. Also rye bread is suitable as a snack. (Great news for fans of sandwiches!)

10. Quinoa (quinoa)

Green parts of this herb contain vitamins of groups A, C, E, P, PP, rutin, saponins, alkaloids, essential oils, micro and macro elements, as well as a large number of protein and fiber, which makes quinoa indispensable at the diets. Grain Quinoa can be used as a food additive. For example, to use in the preparation of cereals, salads.