Due to the persecution of men are fired more often than women

Men are more likely to retire from work due to bullying. This conclusion was Danish psychologists from Aarhus University.

Harassment or hard psychological pressure affects men and women differently. If the fair sex, these phenomena cause long-term sick leave to take or use antidepressants, men more often choose a radical solution to the problem in the form of dismissal from work. Researchers from Denmark were surprised when they saw that the persecution in the workplace does not increase the number of days that the men carried out at the hospital. It turned out that representatives of the stronger sex, exposed to such pressure, women often go to work, even though not a very good health.

Also, it was found that baiting a negative impact on income levels in men, which means that due to the psychological pressure they are deprived of the possibility of getting increase and move up the career ladder. As a result of the persecution of men do not exhibit the best qualities of the workers, because of what their prospects are deteriorating.

The study involved 3000 people who work in public institutions and private companies. 7% admitted that they have been subjected to harassment in the workplace, of which 43% were men. When it came to the variety of harassment and its periodicity, it became clear that between men and women there is no significant difference. However, men are slightly more often exposed to physical humiliation than women.

Scientists call the million dollar question is, why men are fired from their jobs more often than women because of the persecution. Perhaps the answer to it will be received in future studies.