Named the major benefits of fitness in the winter

While in the winter we are gaining significantly more weight loss than in the summer due to sedentary lifestyles, combating surpluses is not the sole cause of physical activity in the winter. US researchers were told what the sport is so important in the coldest season of the year.

We all know how important exercise for human health. It is well known that during the winter, when we spend less time in the fresh air, physical activity decreases, which is why there is a risk score greater amount of excess weight. It is believed that this is why sports are so important in winter. However, Professor William Farquhar from the University of Delaware insists that winter exercise needed a man not only for the prevention of unnecessary kilograms. Primarily, they have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

"As the current physician-physiologist who observed the impact of physical activity on a person over 20 years of health, I can say with absolute conviction to say that winter sports lower blood pressure, - says Professor Farquhar. - Every time you finish a run or a walk, your blood pressure decreases and remains so for hours, which is very good for health. The immediate effect of reducing the pressure associated with the so-called "load hypotension."

Many scientific studies have shown that blood pressure decreased by 5-7 mm Hg. Art. after every workout. The mechanism responsible for the decrease in pressure is not yet fully understood by science, but this process is clearly linked to the expansion of blood vessels. However, regardless of the exact cause of this phenomenon, this phenomenon is good for health. It should be noted that during exercise there is just the opposite, and our blood pressure increases significantly. This is due to the fact that the muscles under load requires oxygenated blood.

The brain sends a signal to the heart to increase blood flow, and this increases the pressure. Systolic blood pressure may rise to 180 mm Hg. Art. during intensive exercise, and this figure looks scary. But then followed by reduction, and the positive effects will be observed for a long time. It is for this we need a sport, not only in the winter. "