Christmas table 7 dishes that is prepared

Christmas can rightly be considered the most kind and bright holiday. It needs to be met in the circle of relatives and friends.

To the holiday were only the most pleasant experience, consider all the details of the Christmas lunch or dinner to the last detail. The menu should be special and very tasty.

Of course, the table should not be as rich as the New Year. It is better not to take the number and quality of dishes. Let them be not much, but they are very tasty, delicious and loved. After all, the meaning of the holiday is not food, and to spend time with loved ones.

By the way, if before sitting down at the table, you are with the guests go for a walk in the woods, the appetite is not a joke played out, and all meals will be even tastier.

7 offer delicious dishes that have to be on the Christmas table.

1. Duck baked with vegetables

On the Christmas table should definitely be signature dish. Let this be a duck baked with vegetables. This dish to cook is not so easy, but your efforts will be worth it. Exquisite taste, enticing aroma and crisp amaze your guests to the heart. It is best to bake the duck with potato, carrot and apple. Do not forget the herbs and spices. They will make your taste of duck is even more delightful.

2. Dumplings with potatoes

Homemade dumplings to cook is not so difficult. The main thing to strictly follow the recipe. By the way, to the preparation of this dish can involve the whole family, including the little ones. Joint deal certainly brings. Is not this is the meaning of Christmas?

3. A classic vinaigrette

Today, with traditional recipes often experimenting by adding new ingredients and creating a completely new dish. This, of course, great, but Christmas - it's a great occasion to remember old traditions and classic recipes.

4. jellied fish

Jellied fish closely associated with the New Year. However, if you for some reason do not have time to try this dish in the most important night, then have it ready for Christmas. To fish in aspic on the table looked even more spectacular, garnish this dish with lemon wedges, quail eggs and green peas.

5. Baked apple with dried fruits and nuts

Excellent Christmas dessert need not be made from flour and eggs. There are many treats of fruit. We suggest to try baked apples with dried fruits and nuts. It is much more useful than confectionery. A taste of this dessert you will remember for a long time.

6. Homemade cupcake

Homemade cake, of course, will delight your guests. And if it is cooked on the classic recipe that endures over the years, it's doubly cool.

7. Compote of dried fruits and cranberries

A delicious compote of dried fruits and cranberries perfectly complement the Christmas table. This drink can be made from any dried fruit to your taste. Cranberry compote adds a pleasant acidity. Before serving, put the best drink in the refrigerator. Let it will not be ice, and pleasantly cool.