Alcoholism leads to the destruction of healthy cells

Alcoholism is one of the most common problems of modern society. From this disease affects not only men but also women. According to experts, the molecules of ethyl alcohol is easily absorbed into human blood. Alcohol has a negative effect on the health of all organs.

According to doctors, alcohol is absorbed into the mucous membrane of the human oral cavity. The bulk of liquor split into the small intestine. Ethanol penetrates the cell membrane and its concentration correlates with the amount of water contained in the tissue.

Doctors say that the most negative effects alcohol has on the health of adolescents, because their bodies are not yet fully formed. Drinking alcohol contributes to violations of the nervous system. It increases the likelihood of mental health problems and disorders. The sensitivity of the body of young boys and girls to alcohol is much higher than in adults. In some cases, a person lacks 100 ml of wine to get drunk.

Penetrating into the nerve endings, ethanol causes a nervous excitement. Boys and girls become more cheerful and talkative. The main danger of alcohol is that it acts on the parts of the brain that control behavior. Reduced activity of these centers contribute to feelings of aggression and cruelty. Doctors say that most of the crimes occur under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol harm the reproductive system of men and women. In the body break down important proteins that are the basis for the normal growth and development of the sex glands and cells. Guys deteriorating activity of the genetic apparatus, alcohol destroys the healthy germ cells. As a result of drinking the liver breaks down, it slows down the process of excretion of pathogens. There are changes in the development of bile, moreover, increases the likelihood of developing cirrhosis.