In 2017 the fashion is not on a diet, but to a set of specific

A group of leading nutritionists from around the world came to the conclusion that in the coming year, people will no longer chase the new-fangled diets, and will give preference to therapeutic foods.

Leading experts have noted that this year marked the diets based on exotic products and detox programs, but the fashion trend of healthy eating will soon prevail, and in 2017 the majority of people who prefer useful diet and natural products, will be transferred to the so-called anti-inflammatory products.

Among the most popular products in 2017 was named nutritionists leafy vegetables, all green vegetables, ginger and turmeric and garlic.

It is expected that the popularity of products that reduce the risk of inflammation in the body will increase by at least seven percent. Moreover, experts believe that the advertising useful products also do their job - within a few months, millions of people will choose more useful menu including very light, but at the same time fortified foods.