"Overload" after holiday feasts

New Year - a time when even the most ardent fans of a healthy diet can not deny myself the pleasure of a tasty and plenty to eat. Get rid of the effects of heavy feasts will help at least delicious, but lighter and more useful products.

Any holiday feast can confidently be attributed to one-time binge eating - the uncontrolled consumption of food, as we did not seem to feel satiety. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, liberally spiced sauces, spices and alcohol enter the body (sometimes at the table we sit down not once but a few), and mostly in the evening or night.

That is, at a time when the body's systems need to rest and not to digest food. And they cope with this not very confident. As a result - obesity and related diseases. medical explanations about the harm of late dinners are very simple. Use day food leads to generating insulin by the pancreas, it operates on combustion of carbohydrates and fats savings. At night, the pituitary gland produces the so-called growth hormone that breaks down these accumulated fats. Intimate dinner signals our body, there is no need to burn fat reserves. And the pituitary gland reduces the release of growth hormone.

Suffering from late libations and intestines, particularly the duodenum. Located in the dream state, it can not "push" the food. As a result - stretching intestine dysbacteriosis, gastritis, a painful development of the microflora and so on. Such processes can not but affect our mood and appearance.

A variety of festive table is one of the causes of overeating. This principle in a simple experiment proved Agapakis American biologist Christina (Christina Agapakis). Her wards were mice, which initially fed without restriction, but only one kind of food, and then offered a "buffet" food with four different flavors. In the first case, rodents refused food immediately after the saturation. Reaction to the "buffet" was quite different. Rodents, trying one thing after another feast, ate three times more food than in the first part of the experiment.

Human behavior is not very different from the behavior of those most studied mice. But we have the right to choose - there is no measure or control the process of eating. Even if you manage to avoid frank overeating at a party, the body should arrange respite after food and alcoholic marathon. Just do not move sharply to starvation, experts believe - a strict diet will cause more harm than good. The body, perceiving the hunger strike as a threat, starts hard to stock up fat. A loss of proteins that we habitually consumed in large amounts, lead to general weakness and "sagging" of muscles.

The first and surest means after heavy feasts - a cleansing of the stomach and intestines. Enter a number of restrictions in food (say "stop" fats, carbohydrates and overly salty and sweet foods) and proceed to light diet. We eat a fractional - eat often, but small portions. Superfoods for this period - fruit, cooked vegetables, diet, lean meat, juice and dairy products. Go back to the habit not to load before going to bed, refuse to dinner (or seriously reducing the amount of food consumed).

Give yourself permission to eat anything without conditions to fulfill it in the gym or arrange a fasting day. This is the basic principle of intuitive power. At first, it can cause anxiety and resistance, because it seems the way to chaos and excess weight. After all, in today's culture it is believed that nutrition be sure to "follow" that we in some way suspect him, the therapist writes Svetlana Bronnikova, to normalize eating behavior specialist.

Carrying out fasting days, together with the purification will also be a great help in the recovery of the body. During the day, one should eat low-calorie foods: buckwheat, apples, rice, lean meats, yogurt (total consumption should not be more than 1000 kcal per day). The number of fluid intake during this should be more than usual.

Dairy products help bring excess fluid from the tissues of the body. She stayed in them after drinking alcohol, salty and spicy food. Dairy products quickly digested and absorbed. Their use will help clear intoxicated intestine, suppress the development of undesirable processes in it. Antibiotics produced by lactic acid bacteria inhibit the growth of pathogens (E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus).

Dairy products contain protein, fats, amino acids, vitamins (especially group B, vitamin C, iodine, potassium, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, fluorine). It is known that milk helps to escape and a hangover. This product is a source of tryptophan - amino acids, which works on the body of ethanol processing. Tryptophan and its derivatives - melatonin and "happiness hormone" serotonin - belong to the group of neurotransmitters, which are conductors of nerve impulses to the brain. The best natural sources of tryptophan are products that contain large amounts of proteins. These include milk, yogurt, cottage cheese.