How to overcome the hangover: the best people's councils

At hangover use proven tips from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Dense food with a hangover is not recommended. It is believed that fatty foods contributes to the release of hormones that allegedly facilitate state and even advise the recipes in the spirit of bacon and eggs, but the damage from the heavy food will only worsen the condition.

Heavy foods that contain fats and proteins in large quantities. Their entry into the body increases the burden on the liver. Fats require additional bile flow as lipase (an enzyme that breaks down fats to glycerol and fatty acids) operates only in relation to the fat emulsion is a fat emulsifier bile produced by the liver.

Proteins with incomplete digestion reach the large intestine, the amino acids from which they are made, undergo decarboxylation to form highly toxic substances - phenol, skatole, benzene, indole. These substances are absorbed into the bloodstream and enter the portal vein to the liver, where they should neutralizes and then excreted through the kidneys. Liver hangover at that time already overloaded as the processing of aldehydes and ketones, and neutralization of protein degradation products, which came with the food the day before. Therefore, a hearty breakfast with a hangover deserves attention only as a way to cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Keep this in mind, try to be limited to the morning light meal, advises Michael Zvonarev in the book "The best recipes from a hangover."

Never try to get out of a hangover by using plain water. Hangover will be, and the thirst will not work and will become even worse.

Old recipes. Tested for centuries popular way to relieve the dreary state - sauerkraut with Cranberry and brine! You can use and cucumber pickle - just not too concentrated. It is best to dilute it with cold water halfway.

An effective recipe: finely chop fresh and pickles, add the finely chopped boiled veal or beef. You can add olives or olives. The whole thing pour diluted cucumber pickle - will like cold soups. The body quickly recover and fill fluid deficit - the cause of the headache. Also contained in this plate body needs potassium, magnesium and sodium.

Oatmeal broth It helps get rid of the hangover pain, as well as oatmeal and porridge. The diuretic effect of oats will help get rid of the swelling, and thus reduce the headaches. Copious drinking of liquid broth and diuretic effect of fluid returned to the normal distribution in the body. B group vitamins provide a liver enzyme required for the processing of undigested alcohol and toxic breakdown products of alcohol. Oats has the ability to remove toxins, poisons the body with a hangover. Broth normalizes blood pressure, restores the brain.

The recipe: a glass of raw grains of oats, or at worst oatmeal poured 4 - 5 cups of water (preferably bottled or defended without chlorine). Cook for 15 - 20 minutes. Five minutes until cooked you can add a spoonful of honey.
Taken twice in 0.5 liters after 40 minutes.

Kvass. Of course, it is a natural, unpreserved kvass. Most sold in stores beverages entitled "brew", or is not such, or contains a preservative sodium benzoate (i.e. useful microorganisms therein are killed) and various additives - sweeteners, colorants, flavorings, which conditions hangover only increase the load on the liver and kidney.

The positive effect of natural kvass hangover caused by the high content of thiamine (vitamin B1), the presence of enzymes useful microorganisms and organic acids, primarily lactic, which leads to intense processing alcohol oxidized products decay toxic organism.

Do not combine with kvass drink containing citric or succinic acid, as their action may be mutually weakened.

Kvas is not recommended suffering from gastritis or peptic ulcer in the acute stage.

In some varieties of kvass can contain up to 3% of alcohol: be careful, otherwise you can "sober": this will give some relief in the morning, but the liver will have to deal with a new portion of alcohol, and the hangover may be delayed.

Lemon juice. One of the popular recipes, is quite effective is lemon juice: a means of safe and affordable.

If you went over, squeeze the juice from 2 - 3 lemons, drink, diluted in half with boiled water (not to irritate, already irritated by alcohol). This will smooth out the consequences, although with a very strong hangover or drunkenness need a more powerful action: cleaning the stomach and /or intestines.

The active ingredient in the lemon is citric acid, it accelerates the processing of nutrients, which dramatically speeds up processing and toxic products of alcohol breakdown.

If you are in good company, and it is impossible not to drink, it will help you a lemon, which is usually on the table. Put a slice of lemon in a glass of vodka. Lemon and volume to fill a glass, and neutralizes the effect of alcohol.

The infusion of hops and peppermint. It is necessary to mix equal parts of hop cones and peppermint. Pour a tablespoon of this mixture cup boiling water and infuse for an hour.

Hops and mint - natural tranquilizers, they will reduce the mental symptoms of hangover. But in this case you need to take this infusion of a couple of hours after the intake of alcohol or in the midst of a hangover. Adopted before drinking the infusion can only strengthen the forthcoming intoxication.

The infusion of wormwood. This popular recipe helps rather than a hangover, but from excessive drunkenness: it is recommended to insist hour tablespoon of common wormwood, filled with boiling water. Drink immediately before the meal.

Fermented beverages. The consumption of alcohol in the gut form toxins that are absorbed into the bloodstream, poisoning the entire body, causing swelling of the liver, kidneys and nervous system. Therefore, when a hangover so people feel bad. To facilitate this state are dairy products: yogurt, tan, ayran, yogurt, mare.

Dairy products provide the body with protein, vitamins and minerals are involved in many metabolic processes, they also have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, is well absorbed by the body and efficiently restore power. Contained in these products amino acids and beneficial bacteria improve appetite, have a laxative effect. Lactic acid bacteria provide the body with energy, excrete toxins, protect the liver.

Lactic acid hangover activates and accelerates the processing of toxic products of alcohol breakdown.

At hangover dairy products better and more useful to take small sips on an empty stomach, depending on your condition.

Of all fermented drinks the perfect hangover cure - mare. It contains large amounts of lactic acid and B vitamins B. It is also the most sparkling, making its effect is faster.

If hangover is recommended to drink 600 ml of milk beverages, not more.

Kefir are often treated with a hangover, it is quite common "folk prescription". Yogurt is made from milk and yeast, which consists of kefir fungi, including yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Thus, in the yogurt contains proteins, lactose, lactic acid, and other enzymes, including trace elements.

Kefir helps a hangover mainly because cleanses the body from decay products of alcohol and helps to restore the supply of minerals and vitamins. Lactic acid provides the body with energy, helps in the use of dietary carbohydrates, beneficial effects on the liver, protecting it. Kefir is easy to digest, refreshing effect, restores the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates appetite, has a beneficial effect on the protective forces of the organism.

If you feel nauseous, have vomiting, rapid breathing, in addition to the treatment of yogurt, you need to drink alkaline mineral water or even a bit of baking soda with plenty of water.

The presence of ethyl alcohol in kefir not exceed 004 - 005%. That is "sober" yogurt will not work. One ripe pear contains as much alcohol as a bucket of yogurt.

Yogurt - A fermented milk product, produced by fermentation of pasteurized milk with a special bacteria culture. Yogurts have great dietary value, as they have healing properties and good digestibility. They improve digestion, lower cholesterol, slow the aging process, helps fight with chronic fatigue.

Yogurt is rich in protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, B vitamins

B vitamins improve digestion, normalize the nervous system, muscles and heart, help with nausea. This B vitamins consumed much alcohol during processing. Restoring their stock, we help the body to overcome the remnants of alcohol and causing lightheadedness toxins in alcohol are transformed in our body.

Lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt, toxins removed from the body to protect the liver.

Airan and Tan. The consumption of alcohol, especially in large quantities in the organism is disrupted water-salt exchange. Namely, it provides the acid-base balance and fluid volume of the internal environment of the body, bringing with it to the tissues of vitamins and minerals. Violations of water-salt metabolism lead to abnormal heart rhythm, ischemia, hypertension, heart failure, kidney damage functions.

In order to reduce violations of water-salt metabolism, can be hangover drink milk drinks - Tang and Ayran. On the palate, they are almost the same, the difference is only in yeast and fermentation technology of milk.

Tan and Ayran are powerful means of hangover. The salts entering into the composition of these drinks promote rapid normalization of water-salt metabolism in the body (as well as brine), which is very important for a hangover, and also perfect for use after severe psycho-physical stress. In addition, Tan Ayran and cleanse the body of the intermediate products of metabolism, increase vitality, relieve muscle fatigue syndrome, normalize appetite, digestion and metabolism, beneficial effects on the liver.

Koumiss - Fermented drink derived from fermented mare's milk as a result of a special, time-consuming process of fermentation.

Koumiss well suited for the treatment of, for example, some intestinal diseases. The high content of B vitamins and lactic acid from it all dairy beverages is better suited for the treatment of a hangover: vitamins B provide the necessary liver enzymes and lactic acid activates metabolic processes, thereby rapidly oxidize alcohol cleavage products. In addition, the high content of carbon dioxide contributes to the rapid onset of therapeutic effect and tones the body.

Koumiss difficult and expensive to produce and difficult to store. However, in recent years, he often appears in good supermarkets, dairy departments. Please note that the mare produced only from mare's milk, but not "of the cow with the addition of the mare," as unscrupulous manufacturers write.

Tea and coffee. Cup of tea in the morning after a powerful libation can help in several ways.

Tea contains vitamin B1: it is much consumed in the processing of alcohol and toxic products of its digestion, and if its reserves are used up, the hangover lasts longer.

The tea has caffeine. Caffeine is appropriate in the completion of cleanup. If there is no great need, it is better to refrain from invigorating drink and go to bed. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee (contrary to popular myth: in fact, more of it in the tea leaves, but not in the drink) and it is present in combination with tannin, forming tannate caffeine, so affected indirectly and soft as the brain, so and vessels.

Coffee awakens the brain, increases urine output (ie, has a diuretic effect, that the way to a state of hangover, but with abundant drink: it will remove the abnormal fluid redistribution and expel toxins from the body), causes vomiting at high doses.

Short-term vigor hardly compensates for the deterioration of the whole. Is that the hangover is weak, and you are on the job.

Because coffee and tea increased load on the heart and can cause vomiting, they better complement other measures to eliminate toxins from the body.

Citrus fruits and bananas. Oranges and lemons are rich in citric acid. When the body enters the citric acid, the body is taken for its processing. Together with other substances in the process will be recycled and toxic products of alcohol breakdown. That is, the reception of citric acid will facilitate the process of chemical detoxification - cleaning the body of toxins.

It is believed that the "active ingredient" in the treatment of a hangover in citrus is ascorbic acid (vitamin C). In fact, it is in principle irrelevant. Moreover, the citrus fruit contain little ascorbic acid - about 2 - 3 times less than horseradish, 5 times less than black currants and red pepper, and 30 times less than the dried rose hips. In addition, ascorbic acid - are not a means of emergency during a hangover.

Bananas contain potassium, which you have lost, drinking alcohol. In addition, it happens that bananas - this is almost the only thing that turns out to eat because of nausea in the morning and eat it is still necessary.

Bananas are rich in polysaccharides and nutritious, they give energy to weakening of the body after the meal. It helps banana milkshake. By the way, milk eases hangover, it is recommended to drink before drinking. Cocktail recipe is simple - a glass of milk, half a banana, 1 tablespoon honey. Beat in a blender and consume.

Gelatin. A large amount of glycine is contained in the gelatin. So if you have a home in the morning would be jelly fish in aspic or jelly - you have been saved. Furthermore, glycine is contained in the cartilage of animals. In the Caucasus, cook hash - a hot jellied beef legs or generally any bone, containing cartilage. Brewed it is a long time - four or five, or even more hours. Vinegar, pepper and other condiments are served separately to the hot plate Hashanah. Your wise wife will cook at home most Hashanah pan, cool and put it in the refrigerator. In the morning pick up the pan, warm up and feed her hubby negligent. Then he advises to stand under a warm (not cold and not hot) shower. Lie down and relax for a couple of hours.

It is worth noting that without yesterday's hangover hash in the morning is very useful, is satisfying and tasty. Eat breakfast before work on a plate - the whole day will be vigorous and proactive, not tired.

You can also make jelly. 25 grams of gelatin soaked for 1 hour in a warm boiled water. Dilute 1 liter of jam or syrup, where more vitamins. You can use the fruit and berry juice. Then heated on low heat and slowly pour the gelatin in the syrup. You can put the jelly in the refrigerator to cool down and eat, and can be enjoyed in the form of heat. And plenty of vitamins and glycine is.

Honey as a remedy for hangover . Honey contains trace elements, redox enzymes, the organic acids. In addition, it contains fructose - a kind of sugar which require the body to quickly cope with the processing of alcohol into harmless substances: it helps produce coenzyme, which has an important role in the processing of alcohol and toxins in the liver. Also honey has a calming and detoxification effects.

At home, for the treatment of hangover enough bowel cleansing and fractional receiving honey. To get out of a hangover, enough 0.5 cups of honey.

Seafood as a remedy for a hangover. They contain a lot of nutrients. Unfortunately, the ability toawn digest seafood, as well as other food of animal origin, when a hangover is significantly reduced. Seafood can be considered except as a way to improve your health after removing the hangover.

Alcohol disrupts electrolyte balance in the human body: lost potassium, magnesium, sodium, fosfop. When these losses hangover definitely need to fill. For this great seafood.

By sea products include not only fish, but also other marine animals: mussels, scallops, squid, crab, shrimp, lobster, etc. They are rich in protein, lecithin, methionine, and macro- and microelements (iodine, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus). Seafood stimulate the activity of digestive glands, increase appetite and metabolism. In addition, seafood act on the body as a sedative. However, the most important thing - Seafood saturate the body of potassium, magnesium, sodium and fosfopom that is so necessary when violations of electrolyte balance.

Lecithin contained in seafood, lowers cholesterol, increases resistance to toxic substances, it stimulates bile secretion, promotes intestinal absorption of fatty acids.

Methionine - an essential amino acid, it has a cleansing effect, helps digestion, provides metabolic processes, reduces muscle weakness.

Jellied fish and fish broth wonderful binds toxic acetaldehyde and helps to restore the nervous system.

Restores protein. The protein in the human body uses to fight the effects of alcohol. And it needs to be restored. There will fish in aspic and hash, which we discussed. They perform a dual function in "as amended" of the body - deliver glycine, and a protein. It does not hurt a sandwich-second with red caviar - protein in it than in the black. Very helpful Dutch cheese, processed cheese, beef and pork, any fish, poultry, walnuts, hazelnuts. But remember, smoked or grilled meat is not necessary, it is better boiled. Liver and pancreas, and so loaded. And you have them in a single copy. And it is impossible to live without them.