Holiday in the open air: the most delicious ways to cook mulled wine

Mulled wine - especially celebratory drink. It is drunk at the Christmas markets and festivals taking place in the open air. The first recipes close to drink mulled wine were known in ancient Rome. Then the wine mixed with spices, but not heated. This hot wine appeared in the Middle Ages in the Nordic countries and Central Europe. There's a drink made on the basis of burgundy or other red wines. For mulled wine perfect dry red wine rather weak.

In some recipes of mulled wine in it add brandy or rum. Alcohol content by the rules established in Germany, must not be less than 7%. Mulled wine is prepared by heating the wine with sugar and spices. The heating is done over medium heat with occasional stirring, then it is necessary to mulled wine brew under the lid 40-50 minutes, spice flavor is revealed gradually. When boiling mulled wine loses its taste and a greater share of alcohol.

Apple cider mulled


Dry white wine - 1 bottle;
Cinnamon - 2 sticks;
Pink - 3 pieces;
Fresh Ginger - 1 piece, clear;
Seedless raisins - 2 tablespoons;
Almonds - 1 tablespoon;
Honey - 2 tbsp;
Sugar - 1 tablespoon;
Dried apples - 1 cup;
Apple juice - 1/2 liter.

Lemon pour over boiling water, rinse, dry apples and raisins. In a saucepan pour the apple juice, add the grated lemon peel, raisins, dried apples, cloves, allspice, chopped ginger root. Add the sugar, wine and bring the mixture to a boil. Cool slightly and add the honey. Before serving, put in the cups almonds, cinnamon and raisins, served hot.

Alpine mulled


Dry red wine - 1 bottle;
Brown sugar - 3 teaspoons;
Lemon - 1 piece;
Cinnamon - 2 sticks;
Cloves - 2 teaspoons;
Zest of lemon - 2 tablespoons;
Fresh ginger - 2 tablespoons clear.

Wine pour in a pan with thick walls and heat, adding the cloves and cinnamon. When the wine is heated to 70-80 degrees, add the sugar, lemon juice and chopped lemon ,. Mix well to dissolve the sugar, bring to a boil, but do not boil. Let it brew. Spices better to use not ground, otherwise not be able to filter out the drink, and he will squeak on the teeth. Typically, mulled added cinnamon, clove, lemon rind, star anise, honey ginger. You can use black pepper, bay leaf, cardamom. They may also be added apples, raisins, nuts.

Cranberry mulled wine and brandy


Water - 0.5 liters;
Apple - 1 piece;
Orange peel - 3 tablespoons;
Cranberry - 1 cup;
Brown Sugar - 1 cup;
Powdered cinnamon - 1/2 teaspoon;
Cognac - 1/2 cup.

Orange peel and sliced ??apple pour water. In a separate bowl mash with cranberries and sugar. Add to the apples, cover and spices turn slow fire. Bring to a boil, stir and leave to infuse for half an hour.

Mulled wine with tea


Red table wine bottle -1;
Strong black tea - 2 cups;
Cinnamon and cloves to taste;
Orange - 1/2 part;
Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon;
Fresh ginger - 2 tablespoons peeled and crushed pulp.

The tank mix wine and tea. The mixture is heated to 80 degrees in a thick-walled bowl, cover and let the spices. It can be subjected to further heating, to a more pronounced flavor. By varying the ratio of tea and wine, you can adjust the strength of the drink.

Lemon mulled wine with red currant


Red table wine;
White table wine;
Lemon liqueur;
Carnation - one teaspoon;
Cinnamon - 1 tsp;
Red currants - 1 handful.

Mix the two types of wine and heated to 80 degrees. Add spices and nutmeg, add a couple of tablespoons of lemon liqueur. You can also add the juice of one squeezed lemon.



Dry red wine;
Cinnamon - 2 sticks;
Cardamom - 4 grains;
Cloves - 2 teaspoons;
Raisins - 1/4 cup;
Fresh almonds - 1/4 cup;
Brown sugar - 2-3 teaspoons;
Madera - 1/2 cup.

In Sweden as a basis for the preparation of Glega used red wine, which is added to the fortress Madeira or vodka. In addition, added clove, crushed cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and citrus peel. In XX century in Glega began to add peeled almonds and raisins. The finished drink is sometimes added to tea, rum and lemon zest, resulting in a punch of red wine. Instead of red wine and white wine is used, cider and apple juice, resulting in a Glega golden brown. As a basis for non-alcoholic Glega suitable cranberry or blackcurrant juice.