How to get better in the New Year: what and how to eat

Many specifically lose weight for the New Year, so that during the feast otest all relieved overwork. If you pity to lose good shape - a little better to abstain and not to overdo it during the feast. But then it will not hurt the stomach and do not have to be tormented by remorse!

Rules proper feast

1. Pre snack

Before any corporate events, meetings, important negotiations for rich banquet table must-eat.

Generally, it is recommended to add more fruits and vegetables in any pre-holiday menu a few days before the holidays - fiber helps the body cope with the impending load and not eat too much. For the same reason suitable milk products with bifidobacteria, nutritionists advise.

2. Get plenty of vegetables.

Collect more on the plate peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes. They are an excellent side dish for a hot meal. A sweet fruits will make a couple of alcoholic drinks.

By the way, salads, cooked vegetables - a good alternative if they are without mayonnaise. Vinaigrette - generally a great appetizer. The boiled and pickled vegetables are not only useful fiber, and enzymes to help you digest other food. A boiled potatoes - an excellent sorbent for alcohol.

3. The best chicken and fish

It is better to start with hot, so as not to drown out the hunger variety of snacks and salads, which are usually present mayonnaise generously. Just choose not greasy pork, boiled pork, neck, and chicken or fish.

Contained in oily fish, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins D and E fight free radicals, which in conditions of increased attention to alcohol produced particularly active. Very good salmon, sturgeon, trout and sea bass.

4. Clean water

Drink clean water. But from sugary juices and sodas especially refrain: carbon dioxide triggers overeating causes fermentation and accelerates the absorption of alcohol. Why do you need an unpleasant feeling of bloating?

5. It is better vodka than three cocktails.

Any pure alcohol preferably mixed cocktails, which sometimes surpasses the caloric content. In addition, cocktails with soda cause rapid intoxication due miracle bubbles. So instead of them the best dry red or white wine, vodka or a good cognac.

To keep your liver in the fight against alcohol before a party or in the middle of it, you can drink tea with lemon or mint, or fresh carrot (carrot and apple, carrot, celery, etc.) juice, but always with a tablespoon of cream or a teaspoon of olive oil. This will help improve liver and biliary excretion.

You can also eat something fatty (eg, a small sandwich with butter and a slice of salted red fish or cheese) - it will slow down the absorption of alcohol.

6. Peretantsuem calories

Try to move a little more. Holidays in the end! Dance, walk around. Just go out more often from the table.

7. Desserts aside

It is not necessary to "add" cakes or pastries on top of the main meal. Nothing but the indigestion it will not give you. They taste better after an hour of fun dancing. When the main meal has recycled into energy.