How to prevent poisoning of the New Year's table

As evidenced maloradostnaya Statistics Christmas poisoning, often with health troubles create salads with mayonnaise or sour cream. The later this salad was eaten, the more chances they get poisoned, and eat up the morning Olivier, or "coat" the doctors categorically prohibited.

Tucked fermented milk sauces salads can be eaten just a few hours after cooking, then they begin to multiply bacteria.

"Even worse - to buy ready-made salads in the department of cooking supermarket. Alas, not all sellers are working in good faith and rotten sausage is much easier to sell in the form of salad, than if you just pack it in cellophane. But the abundance of mayonnaise, which can not "stand" for more than one night, making such "delicacies" potential poison - because if you say that the salad is prepared today, it does not mean that is the case ", - says the doctor Viktoriya Savitskaya.

Meat and fish slicing is not necessary to lay out on great meals and make them whole table. It is best to cut a small number of slices (2-3 per one guest), and the rest is hidden in the refrigerator and add as needed. It is especially dangerous if the whole evening and night stands on the table fish - snack it in the morning is very dangerous.

Often etched away and cakes or cream cakes. Cream can not long be kept, particularly without refrigeration. On the table he is "live" for a few hours. Well, welcome hostess, alas, forget about it, put the cake on the table, even when the guests have nothing "will not go" to the case, "what if someone wants to."

"As a result, those who want to later than the others, most of all at risk the health and well-being" - sums up the doctor.

Finally, fruit. Especially fruit salads, which are hard-working housewives do ahead of time by slicing fruits and tucking their yogurt. As a result, they stand up to the middle of the night, and even in the refrigerator spoiled dishes such slower, but still can not wait for their turn for a long time. And they eat them often on the following day, when they become dangerous product. Therefore it is better just to cut fruit, and when guests want a fruit salad - unpack them in small bowls and water separately each serving yogurt or ice cream.

Even without refueling stored fruit can be not more than a day, and only in a refrigerator. Cut fruits that stood on a table all evening and all night, can lead to poisoning.

No less dangerous and alcohol. Refers to the selection of drinks, especially if you intend to drink at two or three glasses, you need to very carefully. Carefully study all the labels and pay attention to the ingredients. And most importantly - buy alcohol only at the supermarket, and only proven brands.