Psychologists explain why couples break up before the New Year or Christmas

Psychologists explain why couples break up unexpectedly just before Christmas. In Western Europe, this phenomenon is called "Turkish hole". As a rule, separation takes place for 4-5 days before the onset of the Christmas holidays.

British psychologists shared their observations about the Christmas holidays. So Dr. Dory Lin, the author of a unique study, said in the media, that all depends on the gifts rather in an atmosphere of sincerity, the absence of which it is difficult to hide.

Renowned psychologist notes that there is a fine line when expensive gifts to give no sense if the couple doubts they will be together next year.

And at the same time a man and a woman feel uncomfortable, if presented with an inexpensive gift. An explosive situation is the eve of New Year holidays, before Christmas Eve. A detailed account of the research group published in the Independent Journal.