How to drink alcohol on New Year's Eve?

That all went well and the wrong use of alcohol did not stop you how to celebrate, follow these guidelines.

First. Preparation. It is up to the New Year day, you drank a glass of wine or champagne. So you start the production of the necessary enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. He breaks down alcohol in the blood. In addition, if the day develop into the enzyme, then split the night he drunk alcohol much faster.

Second. In the New Year's Eve itself is not worth one drink champagne in large quantities. It can be enjoyed under the chiming clock, and then go to the wine. champagne bubbles could have a negative impact on your stomach, which can prevent you how to celebrate New Year.

Third. Snack. After drinking a glass of wine or a shot of vodka is important to have a snack. And you can drink water, better mineral. One glass, for example, at 300 grams. wine.

Fourth. Do not lower degree. If you have already started with something stronger, it is important to keep the degree. That is, if you start to drink vodka, it is not necessary to switch to wine. And in any case, not a series of alcohol.

Fifth. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Before we set off to the winds, or simply sip a glass of wine, it is necessary to eat well. Otherwise - alcohol quickly gets into the blood, and you will immediately be intoxicated.

Sixth. Eat as little sweet alcoholic drinks can. When glucose is combined with alcohol, it could face a strong poisoning and intoxication. Fortified wine and liquor can lead to liver disease. Do not forget about it.

Seventh. In the New Year's Eve after drinking it is not necessary to sit still in one place, try to go out to dance, move around. Because alcohol will come out of your blood, and you will not feel as much discomfort the next morning.

When choosing the alcohol it is important to look at the label on the shelf life of liquid. Right to consume alcohol on New Year's very important to keep the mind and memory, a good physical condition. Do not forget that the amount of alcohol consumed your entire state following weeks may depend on New Year's Eve.