Ulcerative proctitis - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Ulcerative proctitis - Severe inflammation of the colon, characterized by the formation of ulcers in the mucosa. After healing of ulcers formed scars that can become a cause of rectal stenosis. Manifested hyperthermia, the general state of disorder, tenesmus, pain, itching, burning, release of blood, pus and mucus with stool. Ulcerative proctitis is diagnosed based on clinical manifestations, examination data, rectal examination, endoscopy, biopsy and other diagnostic methods. Conservative treatment includes diet, enemas, baths, general and local drug therapy.

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  • Ulcerative proctitis

    proctitis - one of the forms of acute proctitis resulting from infections, parasitic diseases, injuries and other impacts, and accompanied by the formation of deep defects in the mucous membrane of the body. In contrast to the erosive form of the disease, in which the recovery occurs after the full restoration of the mucosa, ulcerative proctitis outcome becomes scarring of the intestinal wall that can cause stenosis of the rectum. Due to the differences in the clinical symptomatology, course and prognosis of acute ulcerative proctitis treated separately from proctitis ulcerative colitis, which is discussed in a separate article in this medical guide. The treatment carried out by specialists in the field of proctology.

    hemorrhoids and abscess. Sometimes ulcerative proctitis is diagnosed on the background of dysentery or parasitic infections. Especially dangerous in this respect, whipworm (pathogen trihotsefaleze), implemented in the intestinal wall. In addition, ulcerative proctitis may be found in certain specific infections, for example - with gonorrheal lesions of the rectum.

    Ulcerative proctitis caused as a result of violations of the food regime, called the alimentary. This form of inflammation can develop the abuse of alcoholic beverages, fatty foods, smoked, sharp, spicy and salty foods. Chronic constipation provokes stagnation ulcerative proctitis. The immediate cause of inflammation in these cases become permanent damage to the colon of the lower divisions too dense fecal matter. Eating disorders and stagnation of feces are often combined with each other or become aggravating factors that provoke the development of ulcerative proctitis with other damaging influences.

    peritonitis. In the case of successful healing of ulcers scars are formed in the intestinal wall. The outcome of extensive scarring may be stenosis of the rectum.

    sigmoidoscopy, allows you to visually assess the severity and prevalence of inflammation, the number, size and depth of ulcers. During the endoscopy performed a biopsy. To determine the causes of ulcerative proctitis appoint coprogram, fecal bakposev and worm eggs. If you suspect that a specific infection (gonorrhea, syphilis), patient is sent for consultation to the venereal diseases.

    Gastroenterology. Assign bed rest. Products excluded from the menu, are irritating to the bowel wall. Recommend boiled meat and fish, soup, rice and cream of wheat on the water, jelly and broths with enveloping action (from psyllium or flax seeds). Carry out causal treatment. In ulcerative proctitis beam radiation therapy is stopped. When intestinal infections prescribe antibiotics when helminthoses - anthelmintics.

    Use warm enema with chamomile extract, fish oil, sea buckthorn oil, or protargola Collargol. Apply local media with analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating action: candles with propolis, candles with metiluratsilom. In the treatment of ulcerative proctitis appoint repeated endoscopic examinations to monitor the state of the mucous membrane. In the acute phase of surgery is indicated only when bowel perforation. If you have scarring strictures in the long term exercise appropriate therapy (physiotherapy, administration of hormones, the expansion buzhami Gegara) after failure of conservative measures scar tissue is excised. The prognosis of ulcerative proctitis depends on the extent of the pathological process, the number, size and depth of ulcers.