Balanoposthitis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Balanoposthitis - Acute or chronic inflammatory disease that affects the head of the penis. In almost all cases, the process involves the foreskin. According to statistics, balanoposthitis affects about 3% of the uncircumcised men of all ages. For balanoposthitis characterized by pain and itching in the affected area (glans penis), inflammation and swelling of the foreskin. Often as a result of inflammation of developing narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis). Balanoposthitis may also be complicated by urethritis and paraphimosis. Treatment is carried out by a urologist, it includes local and etiotropic (antifungal, antibacterial or antiviral) therapy. With the development of phimosis operation is shown.

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  • Balanoposthitis

    potency and sexual health.

    steptokokk A and B, anaerobic cocci), pathogens, sexually transmitted infections (pale treponema, trichomonas, etc). Sometimes balanoposthitis caused by viruses (human papilloma virus) and fungi (Candida). Very rarely balanopostit develops without the participation of the infectious agent (allergic, toxic balanoposthitis).

    Contributing factors that play a significant role in the development balanoposthitis are failure to comply with personal hygiene, diabetes, chemical irritants (detergents, lubricants), phimosis, pathological conditions accompanied by fluid retention in the body (kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, heart failure).

    genital herpes, syphilis).

    In chronic balanoposthitis patients complain of a burning sensation and pain in the affected area. The skin of the foreskin cracking, and shows the superficial erosions and ulcers. In marked inflammation can develop inguinal lymphadenitis. Over time, scarring of the foreskin leading to phimosis, which further aggravates the course of disease.

    urology are the following forms of acute balanoposthitis:

  • A simple (catarrhal balanoposthitis). Complaints of itching and a slight burning sensation. Marked redness, swelling, maceration of the skin of the foreskin and the glans penis. There are superficial erosions of different sizes, which sometimes merge. Along the edges of erosions located scraps macerated epithelium. Purulent discharge.
  • Erosive. The affected area formed white necrotic areas of the swollen epithelium, on the spot which develop large painful bright red erosion, limited by the edge of the distinct rims maceration. In some cases, complicated by erosive balanoposthitis phimosis. Patients often impose complaints about sharp pain in the groin and along the lymph ducts (lymphangitis, lymphadenitis). Possible fever.
  • Gangrenosum. Severe intoxication, hyperthermia. In place of painful erosions are formed deep ulcers with necrotic areas, covered with purulent gray-yellow. There considerable hyperemia and edema of the foreskin and the glans penis. Develops phimosis. The foreskin may be perforated as a result of necrosis. In severe cases, it can be gangrene of the penis. Sometimes bleeding as a result of damage to blood vessels.
  • Pustular, ulcer. In the affected area there are multiple abscesses in the future turn into deep ulcers.

  • After curing simple and erosive balanoposthitis form scar remains. After recourse pustular-ulcerative and gangrenous balanoposthitis occur deep scars, deformation of the penis develops. Chronic balanopostit usually occurs in ulcerative hypertrophic form. Induratum form balanoposthitis developmental kraurosis (shrinkage of the foreskin and the glans penis) is less common, usually in older men with hormonal disorders.

    phimosis. In some patients, reduced the sensitivity of the glans penis atrophy due receptors. If you get an infection in the urethra urethritis is complicated by balanoposthitis. The most serious complication - paraphimosis, where the head of the penis infringed narrowed due to scarring of the foreskin.

    urologist. To determine the causative agent of bacterial balanoposthitis take crops from the affected areas. If you suspect a fungal balanopostit test conducted with potassium hydroxide. HPV (human papilloma virus) detected by PCR.

    The disease is rarely called directly STD pathogens. However, chronic infections, sexually transmitted infections, cause a reduction in local immunity, which increases the risk of balanoposthitis caused by non-specific flora. Therefore, balanoposthitis is necessary to exclude concomitant STDs. Sick balapostitom examined for diabetes, the presence of indications carried out a comprehensive survey to identify chronic diseases.

    circumcision). In some cases it is possible to expand the foreskin using a clamp. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia urologist. When fusion of the foreskin to the head, this method of treatment is contraindicated.

    Prevention is in compliance with the rules of hygiene, prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. In old age, preventive measure is early detection and adequate treatment of diabetes.