Ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Ulcerative tuberculosis skin. - Dermatological disease caused by mycobacteria, usually occurs in children and debilitated patients against miliary tuberculosis or system failure. Symptoms of this condition are bumps and ulcerative lesions mainly localized around the physiological body holes - anal, oral, opening of the urethra. Diagnosis of ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin is carried out by dermatological examination, microscopic examination of discharge from ulcers, a common examination for the detection of active tuberculosis process in the internal organs. The treatment focuses on the elimination of foci in the internal organs, for that use traditional anti-TB drugs.

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    Skin tuberculosis (TB secondary ulcer) - a rare complication of active TB in the lungs, urinary system, intestine, observed on the background of significant decrease of immune activity. In most cases of this disease are children and adults with immune deficiency of various origins. As with other forms of cutaneous tuberculosis, the cause of this condition is caused by infection with Mycobacterium skin tissue, but in this case, a significant role is played by the patient self-infection. The development of ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin is sufficiently threatening complication, because it suggests that the body's defenses are depleted to critical levels. This condition can lead to dissemination of mycobacteria and even cause death. Therefore, the development of ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin is often a cause for immediate hospitalization in a specialized medical institution and the beginning of intensive TB treatment.

    dermatology call these nodules grains Trela.

    Subjective symptoms of ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin are reduced to a sharp pain in the lesions. Patients complain of pain when talking, opening the mouth (perioral at localization), urination and defecation. Other subjective symptoms of ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin is usually not defined or unobtrusive, while the more severe the primary lesion. Ulcerative erosion of the skin in severe cases can be merged together to form a continuous large hearth. Perhaps the development of secondary bacterial infection, which has an extremely heavy flow due to weakening of the immune system.

    PCR). The definition of this disease involves close cooperation dermatologist and phthisiatrician as ulcerative lupus is always a secondary condition and complication of tuberculosis of the internal organs. In addition, it is necessary to make a complete examination of the patient to determine the causes of violations of immunity - in addition to the active TB process it can be acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, cancer pathology and other factors. Microscopic examination (color Ziehl-Nielsen) in the discharge are determined by mycobacteria, painted in red color. Traditional methods of diagnosis, such as a skin reaction to the tuberculin (Mantoux tuberculin skin test), ulcerative skin tuberculosis are almost always false-negative due to immunosuppression.

    Treatment of ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin is inherently associated with the treatment of the underlying disease. For this purpose, the classic anti-TB drugs - rifampicin, isoniazid and others. Local treatment of dermatological pathology is reduced to the treatment of ulcers of 50% lactic acid solution and prevention of secondary bacterial infection. In severe cases of ulcerative lupus sometimes resort to surgical removal of the affected areas. Also needed immunostimulatory therapy, nutrition, addressing the causes of immunodeficiency.

    Prediction and prevention of ulcerative

    skin tuberculosis.

    Forecast ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin is heavily dependent on the course of the primary tuberculous lesions, and the patient's state of immunity. In children with relatively uncomplicated TB lungs, intestines, kidneys with proper TB treatment takes place the removal of both general and dermatological manifestations. In cases where the underlying disease difficult to treat, and immunodeficiency caused by HIV infection or malignancy, the prognosis of ulcerative tuberculosis of the skin is significantly reduced. To prevent this condition TB patients should monitor the state of your immune system, to observe good personal hygiene, wash the genital area, perineum and perianal area after every urination or defecation.