A few tips on how to control their emotions

Emotions accompany us constantly. We are sad, embarrassed, worried, yearning, despair, laugh, rejoice, admire and experience many other states. But when we are exposed to the influence of other people's negative emotions that often we make decisions of which subsequently lament. Sometimes in life better control emotional outbursts. Of course, this does not mean that, for example, is to restrain the joy caused by the good news. We are talking about negative emotions, because their sharp emissions can affect relationships with others is not the best way. Negativity is able to build up inside and dominate your life. But emotions can be controlled, and it does not mean that they should be ignored.

How to control your emotions

Do not react immediately

Immediate response to emotional stimuli can be a huge mistake. As a rule, this ensures that you will regret that say or do. Before you push your emotional argument to take a deep breath. This will allow the body to get enough oxygen and reduce the heart rate. Something similar happens when you are sleeping or just lying in a relaxed state. So next time you feel yourself in excitement or irritability take a few deep breaths before proceeding. This forces you to not only relax, but also to switch to other thoughts.

Try to see the situation from a different angle

The following strategy is how to control their emotions. Imagine that you are late for work. On the way there are people and it seems they are moving very slowly, especially if you are trying to delay. This, of course, annoying and makes angry. Now leave the stream of angry thoughts and think. The surrounding people really have no idea about what's going on in your life. No need to get angry at them for what happens to you. After analyzing the situation, you will realize that the only way to avoid such circumstances - to go out of the house before and anger does not help fix or prevent.

Change negative thoughts to positive

Negative emotions connect us with recurring negative thoughts, creating cycles of openly negative patterns. Whenever faced with emotion that causes negative emotions in you, switch to positive thoughts. It really works. Recall a time that will make you smile or think about the past pleasant experiences.

Learn to forgive their emotional stimuli

Your emotional stimuli can be friends or family members. Everyone can feel a sudden surge of anger when a close person does something wrong, as you would have liked or as you think is right. Learn to forgive and let go of such thoughts, because it helps you get rid of resentment growing inside, rage or jealousy. Let people be who they are.

Find a healthy outlet for negative emotions

This is an important step in learning how to control their emotions. They need a common output. Negative emotions should never be closed inside. This is not something that should be kept and save himself. Meet phoned or with someone else, tell me what happened. Sometimes I hear the opinions of other expanding its awareness of the situation. There are other ways to release emotion, for example, they can be recorded on paper or meditation. Some people prefer to release through aggressive exercise such as kickboxing or other martial arts. Choose what you like and be free from negativity.

Give yourself the proper installation

Just two inner convictions:

I can control my thoughts.
My feelings and emotions - it is a derivative of my thoughts.

Conclusion: If I can control my thoughts, I can control my emotions.

These were some tips on how to control their emotions. Yes it is difficult, because emotions can take us by surprise at any time. Be patient, and you will learn to take negative emotions under control.