3 ways to bring order to the

Sometimes it seems that life is grim and hopeless. Career does not add up, personal life is collapsing, and even the economic situation in the country worse. Coach and motivational speaker John Kim knows three ways to change your life for the better.

Have you ever seen the fish swimming in dirty water? It looks dull, it has little power, and she barely moves his flippers, like iron shackles on them. Change the dirty water to clean, and everything will change. Fish quicken, will be a fun and active, and its bright scales.

Our thoughts and beliefs are like water. Negative life experiences creates false beliefs clouded thoughts and deprive vital energy. We begin to doubt their abilities, stuck in unproductive relationships and do not allow their potential is fully open.

However, people, unlike the fish themselves can change its "water." Many are slaves to their thoughts and not even aware of the fact that they can control what and how they think. They did not take any effort to change the way of thinking, because they are afraid or feel that they deserve to live in a clean "water."

The truth is that you can clean your aquarium. You wake up and plan your day. Smile and tune in to a positive. Invest in a healthy relationship. Surround yourself with positive people. Notice joyful moments. Create something. You can change your life by changing the attitude towards it.

It all starts and ends with the thought of them. What you think about yourself, defines and shapes your reality. These 3 ways can help you clear your "water".

1. Determine what you are filled with energy, positive or negative

If you prevail negative energy, you hold on to a relationship that exhausted themselves, cultivate their bad habits and unhealthy behaviors, poor sleep and constantly evaluate yourself. Do you worry about nothing, eat junk food, quarrel, fight back, swearing, angry and perceive life as punishment.

If you are full of positive energy, you create, build and invest in yourself and the people who are important to you. You set healthy limits, listen to yourself, freely and peacefully express their opinion and want. You do not blame yourself and others, do not hang tags and do not feel fear.

You lead an active lifestyle, watch out for food, drink plenty of water, and you do not have sleep problems. Can you truly love and are able to forgive.

2. Realize what false beliefs determine your life

None of us grew up without experiencing pain. The sufferings were different: physical, mental, sexual and emotional. Someone will always remember how he was locked in the closet, someone remembers the first unrequited love, and someone's death of a loved one or divorce of parents. What you see and feel, and how you treat the surrounding, largely determines your life and creates false stereotypes.

You want to make tattoos all over his body and play the drums in a rock band, but chose the accounting profession?

False beliefs: I'll never be happy. I am a worthless person. I can not be successful. I had nothing. I am a victim. I am a weak man. If I'm not rich, no one will love me. I am a bad husband, father, son, and so on These and other negative thoughts determine our life, lower self-esteem and the ability to block and desires.

Now imagine what would be your life without these thoughts. With whom would you like to be friends? Who would be invited on a date? No matter what profession to choose? What to do in your spare time?

3. Do not give false beliefs. do what they do not allow you to make

An effective way to understand what false beliefs, and which are not - ask yourself what you are afraid of and why.

You want to make tattoos all over his body, drive a motorcycle and playing drums in a rock band. But are afraid to upset the father, so we chose the accounting profession, marry a decent girl and drink beer in the evenings in front of TV. You do so because they are convinced that a good son can not be a rocker. This is a false belief.

Try to give his definition of a good son. How should it be? And you will see that a good relationship with his father is not associated with tattoos and a motorcycle. And now start to live my life: renew dialogue with fellow musicians, tamp tattoo and buy a motorcycle. The only way you clean your "water" and feel free and happy.