The mood on the positive: 7 phrases that you need to tell yourself every day

The daily repetition of these positive phrases can make you the protagonist of your life and your best friend.

If you really want it, pay attention to his words and what you say. Small changes will allow you to get great pleasure from communicating with yourself every day.

Often we are for ourselves harshest critics. Maybe you are made to feel guilty when you have something goes wrong. As a result, you lose optimism and faith in their own strength.

Can you imagine how life would change if you start telling yourself more positive phrases? Be generous to yourself and realize how you treat yourself to the fact.

Try telling yourself these 7 positive phrases - and you will see how your life will change for the better, and you will become more comfortable with yourself.

1. I believe in my dreams

Believe in yourself and what you are. Do not forget that the ability of our mind are vast. It can lead you to dream, if you believe in their implementation.

Tell yourself that you believe that dreams come true, you turn yourself into a more confident person. This confidence pomozhetsdelat first steps towards realization.

Let no one can take away your faith in yourself and the goals you set for yourself. You will be able to achieve the life you dream about.

The repetition of this phrase leads to the fact that our brain starts to find the best that we previously seemed impossible.

2. Every day, I give only the best that is in me

It does not matter whether your goal is small or large. Every day, try to make the best that is in you, to achieve the desired.

Success does not come suddenly, the road leads to it, consisting of many small steps.

Regularly remind yourself that only by using all the best aspects of your self, you can move confidently toward its goal.

If you have turned out to be a bad day, do not despair. Focus on the phrase. This will allow you to appreciate all the efforts that you had to make to achieve the desired.

3. I love myself for who has

When you want to look at myself in the mirror, pause for a moment. Look yourself in the eye and say, "I love you."

Constantly remind yourself how much you love yourself, love for what you are, with all the advantages and imperfections.

Man is not able to give love to others without loving yourself first.

When you learn to accept and love a man who looks at you from the mirror reflection, your heart opens toward love. As a result, you will start to receive more love from others, and people will start to appreciate you for real.

It all starts with yourself. So you love yourself as you are, and recognize themselves in it every day.

4. I am responsible for your own happiness

Periods of sadness allow us to draw conclusions, to learn, to discover new horizons and become strong.

Only you, as no one else can turn yourself into a positive-minded person, satisfied with their lives. It is your responsibility for your own happiness.

Very often, we deceive ourselves, starting to look for happiness in the surrounding reality, not in ourselves. True happiness lies within each of us.

Repeating yourself every day that phrase, you begin to realize that it was from you depends on whether you own, will become to feel happy and satisfied.

Gradually you will feel responsible for your own feelings and emotions.

5. I fully accept the responsibility for their lives

It is important to recognize their responsibility not only for their own happiness, but also their actions.

Do not start a new beginning, complaining of circumstances, their life situation or the people around them. This will only hurt yourself.

Only you are responsible for your life. You are the creator of your reality that is born as a result of daily actions and thoughts.

The regular repetition of the fifth of 7 positive phrases will help you to re-take the reins of their own lives.

6. All the best to come

Due to this positive phrase, your life will be filled with inspiration. When we believe that in the future we expect surprises, it becomes easier to extract the best from us to solve everyday problems.

Believe that tomorrow is always ready for you the best opportunities. You will begin to attract good. And, last but not least, you will be fully prepared to take it.

7. I am grateful to life for each passing day

Most everyday life, regardless of whether it is colored in any color. Do not forget that is not always in your power to change the course of events. But you can change your attitude.

Be grateful for every little thing, for every good or bad event that will give you experience. Thank life for what it has allowed you to become a part of today.

This vision of life will allow you to experience the wonderful joy of life that gave you a chance to meet a new day alive, healthy and able to do what he likes.

Features of our brains affect our lives affect. That is why it is so important to include in their thoughts these positive phrases

When their repetition to become a habit, your life will be more full, rich and happy.