10 tips to cope with fatigue

Someone connects fatigue with depression and stress, someone - a syndrome of emotional burnout. But sooner or later it visits each, so you must know how to resist it.

Why do we get tired

It would seem that our life has been simplified in the extreme, we know a lot about yourself and how to become a better, more productive, more hardy, so simply do not have to experience fatigue. But it appears again and again. Why?

We take on too much. Unnecessary waste, unnecessary work, additional obligations. And sometimes you need to break even on the positive impressions.

We try to catch everything. And when you do not have time, then we suffer because of this. We try to fulfill all in the shortest possible time. Relax for five minutes, to lose weight in the past month, learn a foreign language for a semester. The rhythm of the race does not imply a pause. And this is another cause of fatigue, we will sooner or later feel.

Not prioritize. Often we do not realize that the truth is important, and what can be ignored. What you need to perform blood from his nose, and what can be put off until next year. It seems that everything is necessary and important. This is not true.

We do not know how to relax. It would seem, it has long been clear to all that. But for some reason we just can not remember that watching the tape in social networks is no substitute for proper rest, and all kinds of non-operating activities not replace healthy sleep.

We accept everything to heart. Even when it does not concern us and it could not survive. We unrestrained and tireless in his pursuit of excellence. You have already understood that the latter - an illusion.

Sooner or later you get tired from it all. From work, household duties, the situation in the flat, people who are close by. Psychologists call it differently. Someone connects it with depression and stress, someone - a syndrome of emotional burnout. Fatigue eventually attends each, so you must know how to resist it.

How to cope with fatigue

1. Recognize a problem

"I'm tired, I need to rest." As strange as it may sound, after these words, you may have to get better. This recognition of himself and conscious signal that you need to take a break.

2. Temporarily depart from Affairs.

Take a holiday or a day off. Temporarily give up their traditional way of life. Get out of the vicious circle of "home - work - home" and unwind. Select the nature, stay in alone, or just stay in bed all day.

3. Do not blame yourself

It is important to understand that fatigue - this is normal. The fact that you are tired of all, does not mean that you do not love your family or work. You just need time to recover.

4. Relax

Take a hot bath with lavender before bed, drink hot tea or chocolate, read the books of their childhood or quietly socialize with loved ones. In addition, you can help your favorite music or movies. We often think and talk about these things. They really help.

5. Ask for help if you feel the need

Find support among relatives and friends. You may need someone who will always side by side and not allow you to run itself. Someone who will just help around the house or accompany you on your vacation. At the same time, there is nothing wrong in wanting to be alone.

6. Help other

This is often a great way to distract from their own problems and learn something new. Help the children's home, the elderly or sick. Light gratitude in their eyes to make you a little happier, and your own problems will seem insignificant compared to their great sorrow.

Active help friends and loved ones are also great help to escape.

7. Find a new hobby

At first, it sounds ridiculous, "Take a vacation to start doing modeling." But if this is true can help, why not try. You can choose any hobbies of embroidery and radio programming to courses and blogging. Perhaps this passion not only eliminate the fatigue, but will remain a favorite for life.

8. Challenge yourself

You can read more and know about it. It's not about trying to continue the usual life in a state of fatigue. Try to direct your energy on something else. Let this be a new sport or an exciting journey, the implementation of a long-standing ideas or something, what you long to decide. You can. And the knowledge that you still managed to give forces.

9. Allow yourself a little bit more

Stretch a little vacation and plenty bleeders, allow yourself little whims or something that does not usually allow. You need to calm down and less to worry about all that you left on time. The main thing - to act within a reasonable and remember that your task - to get out of the crisis.

10. Go back to the life.

As soon as you feel strong enough, remember that the world needs. It was time to close your little vacation and again to enjoy each day.

Fatigue is irreversible. It would appear from time to time. When you feel that you all came over to an intolerable burden, better rest.