Frequent colds: psychological causes

When we long time no hear their needs, with us it begins to "talk" to our body. And it says the disease. If you are often "grab" a cold, you can blame the cold season and viruses, but it can be assumed that in this way your body signals about some psychological problems. What could be the causes of colds, told the psychologist, Gestalt therapist, coach, leading women's groups Natalya Omelchenko.

When a person is stable, its basic needs are satisfied, he has a job, a family, it is implemented, it is recognized, it is stable self-esteem, he can support himself, he, as a rule, rarely sick. When the disease is often happen as unexpectedly and at the wrong time, it can be all sorts of reasons.

Constant stress.

Since immunity associated with psycho-emotional state, then when accumulates many stress factors or person is constantly under stress for any reason, reduced immunity and can not cope with the disease. It can be divorce, problems at work, family problems, or as a set of troubles.

Short-term, but a lot of stress.

When something happens to a person is not ready, for example, the loss of a loved one or loss of a job, a person does not have time to process ( "digest") traumatic situation without a loss, it may be ill.

The ban on weakness.

If a person does not allow himself to stay weak and vulnerable, then the only option is to give yourself permission to be sick. Then there is the excuse of weakness - a disease in which you can with a clear conscience to lie down and feel sorry for yourself.

The ability to receive care.

The disease may produce an unconscious benefit in the form of getting attention, care, help from relatives, love, if one can not ask for help, care and attention in everyday life.

Increased criticism to himself.

When you constantly criticize yourself, and do not support, immunity decreases.

Lack of resources.

There are people who work hard, make plans and achieve goals, but do not give yourself time for fun, can not enjoy. Such people do not even think about that from time to time it is necessary to switch from work on some hobby, going to the movies, spending time with friends. Joy of life necessary to take them to a resource that is spent on everyday concerns. If they do not, the body is depleted. This is compounded by the fact that in winter the little sunlight that affects the production of the hormone dopamine, and, as a consequence, a sense of pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.

Keeping feelings.

When the ban on the display of "bad" feelings of the body can react to the disease. For example, if a person does not allow himself to cry, he may be suffering from chronic runny nose. If there is a ban on the display of anger, can become sick throat. Coughing can be a sign of strong suppressed aggression when literally want to "bark at" all around. Colds may be due to the fact that a man can not say no, defend their point of view, to defend its borders.

Need to take a break from worries.

If a person came over a lot of worries, but he did not give himself time to rest, so that rest may be disease.

Adapting to a new team.

The most common cause of this disease in children, although a grown man, too, can get sick, got into an unknown team. The child (and many adults) when changing places fear arises. And if it does not support, does not create to him the conditions in which the adaptation would take place gradually, it will be in constant anxiety, he will have a sense of abandonment and loneliness, and he would often get sick.

The ability to absolve themselves of responsibility.

If a person wants something in life to achieve their ambitions, but it does not do anything, the disease can be a convenient excuse for inaction and failure.

How to stop this match?

The disease - a message that gives us the body. For each person the message is personal. Give voice to his sore throat, runny nose your "talk" with a sick body. What's going on with you? What does it happen? What this body signals you? Did you learn about yourself that you would like to have someone wished or you are tired or you are someone crying. Or maybe you can not express anger your partner.

Ask yourself: What do I want? What do I get when I'm sick? What I'm talking about the world of his illness? A deeper understanding of the causes of diseases and to change your life so that your body does not have to signal a disease of the problem will help psychotherapy.