How to escape from depression

Most of the population of our country with the arrival of cold weather begins to experience a lot of unpleasant feelings. Sunny days becomes very small, in the apartments because of the traditional problems with heating colder. Every morning, the majority have to get to school and work, when it's still dark, and go home already dark. How can you not fall into depression? Eat well, buy fresh vegetables and fruit in the winter and go to sunny country today, not everyone can afford. We have to look for other methods. How to escape from depression and boredom in the cold and dark season, he told the therapist Alevtina Shevchenko.

What it is winter depression

The vast majority of people are very sensitive to the fact that daylight is getting shorter. When it is dark, sad people more. This is the most serious cause of acute various states of depression, worsening of mood, irritability exacerbation. Therefore, experts and call it autumn and spring depression. November is considered to be the worst month of the year: the translation and the night begins at 4 pm. For many, after the summer's unusual and unpleasant. Depressive disorder is expressed in the cold weather in that day a man does not want to live an active life. Many depressed people sleep in the daytime, if possible, and at night somehow are vital functions. This depression in the past few years younger, even five years to commit suicide! And teenagers so do the other more prone to depression and mood swings - they are all on hormones, senses are sharpened. It is no secret that there are really meteodependent people. These are women and men who are sensitive to cold, allergic to warm clothing and other features. So the most difficult to get through the winter. Fortunately, there are people who, on the contrary, do not like the heat, and summer and thrive precisely during the cold season.

Who seasonal depression does not touch

Do not notice the darkness and the cold insensitive people wearing emotional armor and, surprisingly, many adolescents. Last feel greater freedom is at night, when they themselves can carry more relaxed. "The Darkness - a friend of youth" is not just a saying. On the mood in the cold weather affects human and profession. For example, people of creative professions are more sensitive. Their work requires to be such, and to some extent they cultivate these qualities.

Humor also depends on the place of residence

So if you fall into a depression in the cold half-year, depending on which countries you live. Close to the Arctic Circle in Canada, Norway, where it's always cold and dark, people are more resistant to cold and darkness. In these countries, for example, the entertainment industry, as opposed to this kind of weather developed. In Ukraine, it exists mainly in large cities and the capital. In small cities, not something that would go nowhere. You can, for example, to visit a girlfriend. It is difficult to find something that is not a shopping center or restaurant, and even eat nowhere, if you rode a little further the regional center. At 11 pm in the province except that you can find karaoke, which go only enough uninhibited behavior and where women sit drunk, not burdened load male intellect. In the big city shops, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers are open until late at night. This pulls the evenings of those who bear from the darkness, loneliness. In Kiev, for example, can be a hipster, decent intelligent people until midnight to sit somewhere in the cafe. There is a place for pregnant women, teachers, retirees, teenagers and others. This so-called developed industry continuation of daylight and mute existential angst.

People deal with depression traditionally

With the arrival of cold weather exacerbated by different types of dependencies. Many are rescued from seasonal depression operation. Workaholic - this is when the time exceeds the allowable number of hours devoted to it, and the work becomes dependent. It is when we feel fine, just when we need them urgently, urgently all, when we have some accomplishments, it is terribly important in our lives. It should be noted that abnormal if the work takes a disproportionately large place in his life. Many TV channels can be seen that at 2 am in all the windows of the light still burning. The TV so saved from depression. Workaholics are confident that they are so bad, that if they do not work, nothing will not cost that they have to bring benefit, without which they are not worthy to live. Someone has exacerbated a food addiction. Eat more. They sit in front of computer screens and televisions. And someone is drinking more alcohol.

It helps family, pets and travel

More prone to seasonal depression, of course single people. But those who have a family or pets, not before. From cats, dogs and children, for all troubles, great emotional payoff. It would seem that many of the same animals of trouble, they do not smell, and shitting all the scratch, and people are lazy by nature, but, nevertheless, continue to start and cats, and children. Any emotion, even if it is negative, it is better than no emotion. Do not argue with his wife - begins existential thoughts of death, fear. It is better to argue with his wife. For questions about the death, the meaning of life, it is better not to slide. Let philosophers think about it, and the rest is better to go to nightclubs and restaurants. It is necessary at this time to do what you like, such as the support itself.

In Ukraine the winter made a journey. In November, people are still suffering, full of illusions, they can all survive, to build a business in the winter, make, something else to make a very noble and useful to society. And further, the outlook is less optimistic. In December, January, exactly all somewhere to go, because it is no longer maintained.

Other methods of salvation

There are people who are saved from boredom and melancholy through sports or antidepressants. However, the tablet - it's an ambulance, when a person falls into a depression and did not participate in social life. There are therapy - a talk, prevention of depression.

Sleep - the healthiest way to rest and one of the safest ways to deal with some bad condition. If you can sleep, you will be the envy of millions of people suffering from insomnia, especially if you are able to sleep even depression. If a person sleeps, the more often it is a happy, healthy, normal person.

Someone saved love. If she is happy, mutual, brings suffering, then it is pure euphoria, pure drug. However, each person is different. And there is no general advice. Council in autumn and winter more sleep and sex is dangerous because it can worsen the depression of those who can not sleep or sex. There are a lot of young, beautiful, rich men 25-29 years old who live with the girls very well relate to them, but absolutely do not want to have sex with them, because it is some kind of "obyazalovke". Once they read that we should have sex, they immediately turn away from him. Many people are so constructed that, when something they strongly suggest it instantly loses all attraction for them.

The general advice is to be kind and forgiving to yourself this time of year, take care of your mood, do everything that brings joy.