Amyloid deposits

increase the risk of stroke. The effects of Alzheimer's disease should be considered when taking drugs that reduce blood clotting.

Scientists have told us when old age comes

American scientists have talked about how when a person begins to age. According to their research, with 39 years people have a weakening of motor and cognitive functions.

8 foods that many people use the wrong

Hardly often most of us think about how to spend how we neglect the potential of the usual contents of our refrigerators and vegetable baskets.

Named the most unexpected causes fainting

Cough and going to the toilet to a sharp wake-up - Experts have called the most unexpected reasons that may cause fainting.

Healing from cystitis: 16 folk remedies to help

Cystitis is an infectious inflammation of the bladder, which provoke the bacteria. In most cases, it is painful and annoying problem.

Experts told when and how to drink water Epiphany

Epiphany water gaining the future and drink throughout the year, until the next holiday - it is considered a healing and relieves many ailments.

8 of the rules of a healthy lifestyle, which can be ignored

On all sides we hear advice on how to live right. It turns out, follow them sometimes dangerous, experts say.

10 ways to solve the problem of hair loss

In the hair loss can be a variety of reasons - from a lack of micronutrients to genetic predisposition or a sufficiently serious diseases.

Top 8 benefits kisses for

health. Kiss - is not only a great way to make a relationship with a man closer and intimate

Doctors debunked myths about daily hygiene

for his body care and maintenance of order in the environment - the most important rule for every day.

Slimming on carbohydrates: Top 10 useful and tasty

products. Anyone familiar with the situation when you want to eat something "tasty", but not necessarily useful. We can please those who love chocolate and popcorn crunch.

7 superfudov menu

stars. With the return to fashion of a healthy lifestyle and a blossoming appearance in our diet we added new products.

How to learn to get up early: step by step instructions

There are four steps to help you easily and wake up feeling refreshed all day.

8 arguments in favor of regular use pineapple

Pineapple is considered one of the most delicious tropical fruit. But in addition to pleasant taste, pineapple also very useful.

Nutritionists: Current recommendations for calories obsolete

Known nutritionists call to reduce the official recommendations for adults on the daily number of meals of 2500 calories for men and 2000 for women.

Researchers told how to lose weight with tea

Researchers from the United States reported that they managed to open a method of losing weight with the help of tea, which allows you to get rid of extra pounds quickly enough.

The connection between the type and nature of mental disorders

American scientists from the University of California at San Diego found that variants of the same gene can affect the characteristics of human nature.

Vitamin B3 in the water will protect against the risk of glaucoma

Enrichment of drinking water Vitamin B3 gives a huge effect in the prevention of disease.

How to clean the liver and blood vessels after the holidays

After the New Year feasts experts advise "correct" health gentle cleaning of the body.

5 simple rules for good work

intestine. Improve bowel function to help the simple rules. In the morning, rising from bed, "wash" and "run" intestine - drink a glass of plain water.

It named the 7 things you can not do during constipation

Probably everyone at some time in their lives faced with the constipation. Experts have called the 7 things you can not do in this state.

How to clean the body from parasites

Recent studies have shown that the parasites infected with seven out of ten of our citizens.

Psychologists explain why couples break up before the New Year or Christmas

Psychologists explain why couples break up unexpectedly just before Christmas. In Western Europe, this phenomenon is called "Turkish hole".

6 myths about water, which should not believe

The sports and fashion magazines write about the benefits of water with surprising regularity. In social networks, many divergent and sometimes conflicting information about it.

Good snacks for the office: 8 options

Hurrying up the ladder, we often forget about their health and body. But who, if not we ourselves, we can find a balance between work and a healthy lifestyle?

Happy Epiphany!

Revision health info congratulates its readers with the Epiphany!

Jump in the hole:

advice of physicians. Doctors emphasize that in order to preserve the health and well-being should take good care of compliance with the rules of safe diving in open water during the winter.

5 the best drinks to defeat obesity!

Offered drinks will help you to achieve a desired: to lose weight and keep the adjusted weight without harm to health.

"Overload" after holiday feasts

New Year - a time when even the most ardent fans of a healthy diet can not deny myself the pleasure of a tasty and plenty to eat.

Bulimia are treated with electroshock

Electroconvulsive therapy in the near future may become an effective treatment for bulimia.