Brushing teeth

protect against arthritis. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University reported that regular tooth brushing is the prevention of arthritis.

Morning sex: 10 reasons why it is useful

Morning sex improves health. With this agreement, many sexologists and doctors who shows us what benefits it brings to our emotional and physical state.

5 wellness cocktail of kiwi, which is necessary to try

Kiwi - is a fruit that is cultivated by mankind for centuries. Its fruits are low in calories, are high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Fitness diet for everyone: weight loss and cleansing

Fitness Diet, also known as a diet beauty and health, designed for at least a month.

How to cook quickly and without nerves: tips

Busy schedule and hectic lifestyle - not an excuse to be lazy and hurt your body substandard fast food meal.

6 drinks that replace

coffee. Many of us simply do not represent their morning without coffee. A breath of fresh coffee - it's like the first step that sets the rhythm of the day ahead.

Thorough chewing of food to strengthen the immune system

Recently, researchers studying the immune system of mice, found that chewing food can stimulate the appearance of a special type of immune system cells.

Cardiomyopathy: 5 tips to avoid "broken heart syndrome?

"Broken heart syndrome" or cardiomyopathy is a disease with the same symptoms as that of a heart attack.

Top 5 tips for those who want to cure flatulence

We all know that eating these foods, like cabbage, peas or soft drinks, can cause flatulence and bloating.

Doctors have identified harmful to the dishes

heart. Improper tableware has a negative effect on physical health, and its use, in particular, can cause vascular abnormalities in the body.

6 little-known facts about the cleaners for

face. Cleaners person has in the arsenal of nearly every modern woman, and many feel that they are well informed about this product.

Wedding in the average age of a blow to women's waist

The researchers found that marrying at an average age of women is much more likely to become victims of obesity later.

Christmas menu

peoples of the world. Christmas - one of the most beloved and long-awaited holiday among Christians worldwide. For many it is associated with happiness, joy and good mood.

How to reduce the risk of injuries and fractures in winter

The ice is not only put on one's shoes and dress properly, but also to choose a place for the walking route, doctors say.

Burning red pepper protects against premature death

The results of a large-scale studies have shown that the chili in the diet reduces the risk of premature death, especially from heart attack and stroke.

Healthy relationship - a matter of choice, not chance

Perhaps, healthy and unhealthy relationships - is the result of our conscious choice? What mistakes hinder us on the path to a healthy partnership?

Scientists told why tea with milk is bad for health

The researchers reported that they were able to figure out how to milk tea is harmful to health.

How to keep up there and work?

From power directly affects the quality of our lives, so do not let it take its course.

Safe Weight Loss: beware

errors. Council invites the Council to help achieve results for weight loss and do not harm the body.

7 interesting facts about buckwheat

Buckwheat or buckwheat as it is often referred to in everyday life, is considered one of the most useful products, which is available in every home.

Natural remedies, replacing

energy. We would like you to please: coffee - not the only way to cheer up. These natural energy will provide you with a burst of energy and help to get everything you need.

Proper food at the restaurant: 6 tips to help

Even if you follow the health and proper nutrition, it is not necessary to give up going to the restaurant.

It found a way to treat a violation

sleep. American physicians reported that they were able to find a way that will normalize the daily routine for people suffering from sleep disorders and wakefulness.

What kind of hidden ailments warns shape navel

A person may not even be aware, however, especially the navel may help diagnose disease tends to some people.

Doctors call related to the winter habits of fullness

Nutritionists offer "rock" your metabolism to quickly return to the form spoiled during the Christmas holidays the figure.

Proper nutrition: how to combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Combine in your diet proteins, fats and carbohydrates are just as important as harmoniously combine the dress, shoes and accessories.

Psoriasis: the types of diseases and natural treatments

Psoriasis - a chronic skin disease, which is accompanied by the appearance of stains on it, and unpleasant itching.

How to protect your immune system now

The dangers lie in wait for our body at every turn. If you do not take care of yourself and your health, a person will be very difficult to survive in the big city.

A few tips to help you eat less

How to learn to eat less - this question takes not just those who are trying to follow the figure, but also scientists.

5 reasons because of which you will never lose weight

Leave futile attempts to lose weight! Did you - one of those who never lose weight!