At the age of 30 after eating kills or young

Clinicians have concluded that the impact of food on the body everyday people after the age of 30 years is changing - the usual food can be a factor in disease development.

As in 2017 to protect health: Tips for signs of the zodiac

Astrologers have voiced predictions regarding the health and beauty for all zodiac signs.

5 food habits that will relieve migraine

You suffer from frequent headaches? Small changes in eating habits will help make migraine attacks less frequent.

It named the best position for successful conception

Scientists have figured out what sex position is best contribute to conceive a child, one such item is the situation when the man is on top.

What products should be removed from the diet forever

Such products are only two. Rather, they are two broad categories of products - trans fats and white sugar. What happened to them is wrong and how to live without them?

Rapid weight loss using

chocolate. In the morning we wake up and usually drink tea or coffee. However, with all the benefits of these wonderful drinks, they do not deprive us of the excess weight. But there is one true miracle beverage that has great taste and at the same time helps to lose weight.

10 products in order to stop the spread of the fungus

Fungal infection - is a common disorder that occurs when a fungus such as Candida begins to grow rapidly due to any changes in the environment.

4 disease, a diagnosis that doctors often mistaken

Experts have called the 4 disease, the diagnosis that doctors often make mistakes.

Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer: 9 recipes based

fiber. Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer - a chronic disease, which is characterized by ulceration of the mucous membrane of the stomach and /or duodenal ulcers.

Simple diet at discharge breakfast

Here it is the safest way to lose weight after the holidays!

Nutritionists have called 7 artful products, from which even more hungry

If you care about the figure, once and for all give up the products from the list.

7 of unhealthy habits and simple ways to get rid of them

Everyone has at least one forbidden pleasure which is injurious to health, whether it be grabbing stress or watching soap operas until the morning.

Neuropathic pain: what is it, and how to overcome it

Neuropathic pain - a disorder that resembles an electric discharge. For no apparent reason, you start to feel the itching and tingling, which may disappear in a few weeks.

The well-known nutritionist gave advice on how to maintain harmony after 30

Save slender figure after the age of thirty years, it becomes more difficult due to the natural slowing of metabolic processes in the body.

The reason for cavities - damaged genes

Genetic causes of tooth decay were clear anthropologists long time because of the varying susceptibility of the disease of people of different races.

How to increase the level of testosterone: 7 Ways

Testosterone - a main male sex hormone in women although it is also present in small amounts.

To speed up the metabolism, it is important to comply with the order

dishes. Even if you are trying to lose weight after the holidays - you should not be limited to lunch apple and biscuits - food should be varied and sufficient.

8 incredible benefits of green apples

The taste of green apples with nothing can not be confused. They are juicy, sour, crunchy and yet incredibly useful for our health.

Women are more prone to heart attacks in

holidays. Doctors from the Methodist Hospital in Houston asking women to pay attention to your health during the holidays.

A natural and effective way to cleanse the liver after

holidays. On our liver during the holidays, and not only lays a big load - it is this body is responsible for cleansing the human body from toxins.

Scientists have explained the tendency of women to psychoses

Canadian researchers have confirmed the validity of the well-known psychological stereotype about women's tendency to hysteria.

Which is better not to eat on an empty stomach

The human body needs food. The main and most important meal is breakfast.

Artificial cells overcome dangerous

infection. Researchers are working on a new powerful weapon against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Nutritionists have called three products that do not need to save

Saving the family budget - a laudable trait, but some foods should remain consistently high quality of the diet, regardless of price.

Top 10 popular cocktails

What kind of New Year holidays go without alcohol? Did you know that alcohol stimulates the appetite and makes eating more than you had planned?

The connection between hearing loss and diseases of the heart

Researchers from the United States reported that the people who lost their hearing, are at risk of occurrence of heart problems.

How to protect the immune system

The dangers lie in wait for our body at every turn. If you do not take care of yourself and your health, a person will be very difficult to survive in the big city.

Simple folk remedies for lowering blood sugar

Maintain a normal blood glucose level should not only diabetics, but also to all whose body is prone to exceed standard indicators on sugar.

7 habits in bed, which badly affect

relationship. Time, which partners are in bed before sleep - the most important thing of the day. However, couples often make the same mistakes that can cost them their marriage.

Scientists have given advice on how to reduce the risk of heart disease and vascular

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.