Proper food at the restaurant: 6 tips to help

Even if you follow the health and proper nutrition, it is not necessary to give up going to the restaurant.

It found a way to treat a violation

sleep. American physicians reported that they were able to find a way that will normalize the daily routine for people suffering from sleep disorders and wakefulness.

What kind of hidden ailments warns shape navel

A person may not even be aware, however, especially the navel may help diagnose disease tends to some people.

Doctors call related to the winter habits of fullness

Nutritionists offer "rock" your metabolism to quickly return to the form spoiled during the Christmas holidays the figure.

Proper nutrition: how to combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Combine in your diet proteins, fats and carbohydrates are just as important as harmoniously combine the dress, shoes and accessories.

Psoriasis: the types of diseases and natural treatments

Psoriasis - a chronic skin disease, which is accompanied by the appearance of stains on it, and unpleasant itching.

How to protect your immune system now

The dangers lie in wait for our body at every turn. If you do not take care of yourself and your health, a person will be very difficult to survive in the big city.

A few tips to help you eat less

How to learn to eat less - this question takes not just those who are trying to follow the figure, but also scientists.

5 reasons because of which you will never lose weight

Leave futile attempts to lose weight! Did you - one of those who never lose weight!

What to drink on New Year's Eve: alcoholic beverages from the point of view of science

Drinking small amounts of alcohol (one serving per day for women and two servings for men), appear to be associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease.

9 products for the purification of the arteries and veins

In recent years significantly increased the number of patients with problems such as high cholesterol, triglycerides and arterial occlusion.

Overactive bladder: what foods should be avoided

First of all, it would be nice to know more about the problem called "overactive bladder".

How to care for winter lips?

In the frosty and windy weather, many of us are faced with the problem of chapped lips.

Pose in a dream tells about a person's happiness in marriage

According to Scottish researchers, the situation of people in a dream to determine the extent to which a couple happily married.

Interview: 6 fatal errors, which is important to prevent

Are you actively looking for a job, one is rejected and does not understand why. Obviously, you are missing out on something important, but what exactly?

Researchers: good habits - contagious

British scientists have come to the conclusion that the good habits of the person can be transferred to another person like an infection.

Psychologists tell why time flies fast and slow stretches

Psychologists have told us that the brain processes time differently, depending on what we are doing.

A healthy breakfast: 12 best foods for a good start of the day

Healthy eating in the morning in the right amount can give a boost of energy, to satisfy the appetite and create the conditions for the proper functioning of the body throughout the day.

Doctors told how to drink coffee to protect against cancer

Coffee finally secured the reputation of the drink, which perfectly fits into a healthy diet.

Olive oil: 10 interesting facts

Olive oil adore the people of the Mediterranean countries. And it is the best advertisement for this product, as Mediterraneans - known centenarians.

10 foods that support good mood

winter. You pursue despondency, apathy and depression? Include in your diet, these products - and life will shine bright colors!

How to stop content with little: 5 Ways

As a child we dream about many things: change the world, to conquer the mountains and the depths of the sea, to write a book and invent something. But over time, we begin to appreciate the stability and security.

10 simple steps to wean themselves have a sweet tooth for 4 weeks

Doctors have proved that sugar is addictive is akin to the drug. He subdues your brain, making you wish for more ice cream and chocolate.

How to restore a natural microflora

intestine. Intestinal microflora is very important for the correct operation of this body and for our health in general.

Tips for healthy eating in winter

time. If you want to lose weight, stop eating too many sweets in general, to regain a healthy appearance, you will be our simple tips.

Doctors have called the most effective products to detoxify the body

A number of everyday products with constant use is able to not only remove toxins and harmful substances from the body, but also to organize the work of internal organs.

Both men and women choose a mate

Scientists from the University of California found that partner selection criteria differ for men and women essentially, how it happens, the study found.

Night snacking impair memory

US scientists conducted the study, during which failed to prove that night snacking - not a harmless activity.

5 interesting facts about the benefits of swimming

The hobby of many people jogging leaves aside many other sports that allow us to maintain a beautiful figure and take care of health.

10 unexpected products for strong bones

Although we did not come across the skeleton of our eyes, but to lose sight of it can not be - it is our concern as much muscle or skin.