Cold and frost: how to protect

health. Casual attitude towards their health in cold weather can lead to unpleasant consequences.

6 different healthy breakfast every day

Experts on nutrition warn against excessive use of oatmeal in breakfast bags.

Hidden mouth disease leading to tooth loss

Within a few years, you can not be bothered any problems in the oral cavity, but this does not mean that you have healthy teeth.

5 things you need to know about

myoma of the uterus. According to the Spanish community of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SEGO), almost 70% of women at some point in their lives may develop uterine fibroids.

How to avoid overeating during

stress. Women can be divided into two categories: those who in times of stress completely lost appetite, and those who desperately hard times, "seizes" favorite goodies.

Doctors called the 7 main signs

fully healthy heart. Portugal Experts in the treatment of cardiac diseases called the 7 main signs of absolutely healthy heart.

5 important facts about cholesterol, which you do not suspect

Sometimes high cholesterol becomes a surprise to us. How could this happen if you always eat right, and do not suffer from excess weight?

The skin will talk about

gastrointestinal problems. Health and beauty are inseparable, and in order to be beautiful, we must first take care of your health.

Mankind expects

epidemic of blindness. Humanity faces a global epidemic of blindness, experts say. All because of the many hours that we spend every day in front of TV screens and computers.

Course exercises to quickly come in shape and lose weight

A sedentary lifestyle has become one of the main enemies of our health, and, unfortunately, it is basically prevent us to come in shape and lose weight.

Scientists have told us how the New Year's Eve on the body

The researchers sought to determine how the organisms of people New Year's Eve. Usually it is plentiful and dense, moreover, includes alcohol.

5 Named products that actually contain a lot of salt

Anyone who cares about their health, trying to minimize the salt in your diet. In fact, it is not always so obvious.

Scientists: hallucinations exposed to every sixth person

Researchers from the UK have reported that their study proved that every sixth inhabitant of the earth is suffering from hallucinations.

Simple rules for how to change life for the better in the new year

Let's be realistic: the change in the calendar of numbers does not magically improve our lives. But it is the power of ourselves. We only need a little effort.

Effective treatment of hangover

home. If the morning after the holiday hangover hurts you, be sure to take the measures that you can help the body cope with the most toxic substances it.

The researchers have named the most signs of healthy sleep

The US National Sleep Foundation published the first guide to the quality of sleep. It lists the main factors that serve as criteria for a healthy full night's rest.

Insomnia may indicate

special thinking. Problems with the night's sleep is usually considered in a negative way, but psychologists, scientists believe that it may not always mean some problems with health.

A sedentary lifestyle is not always hazardous to health

Long periods of sitting may not be as dangerous for human health, as the researchers found.

Expert advice, how to cure colds per day

In cold weather, it does not cost anything to catch a cold. It is much more difficult to quickly get back on their feet.

The reasons of the aggressiveness of cancer cells

Researchers at Yale University have reported that they inadvertently failed to disclose the reason for the increased activity of cancer cells.

Doctors have told, what is the secret of any

diet. Some people are lucky enough, they manage to keep the form in the complete absence of concern about what they eat.

Diet drinks, due to which there is a weight gain

in the field of nutrition experts call drinks, which in any case can not be used for people who are trying to lose weight.

Calluses on the feet may indicate dangerous

disease. Can a hard skin on our feet to be a sign of cancer? Scientists have discovered a link between corn and cancer of the esophagus.

Yoga to help the stomach

Each of us from time to time there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, heartburn, bloating, constipation How to cope with all these ailments

5 Rules food after exercise

in the field of sports experts from the United States voiced 5 most important rules of the meal after training.

It named a plant that protect against dementia

If you do not want to be faced with senile dementia, include in your daily diet salad with chicory.

How to clean and rejuvenate orrganizm

In appearance, the person is usually possible to draw conclusions about his state of health.

What to do if you or someone fell through the ice

On the eve of the spring and the melting of ice experts gave advice to fans of fishing and outdoor activities, not only to help to survive in an extreme situation and to save another person.

How to quickly and easily clean the microwave and abide by its purity

Inveterate stains inside the microwave clean up is easier than you think. Nothing extraordinary. All you need is water and lemon soda or vinegar.

Fat stimulates the emergence of deadly cancers

Scientists from the Institute of Biotechnology in Belgium Flanders discovered the mechanism of metastasis of cancer.