7 simple rules that will change the life right now

How do you want to radically change your life, make it rich, interesting and happy.

Women with age decline of cognitive function faster

Age-related decline in cognitive function is a normal process, but it may start earlier than we thought.

10 recipes for preventing

colon cancer. Under a diagnosis of "colon cancer" refers to several harsh cancer.

7 major signs that your body

many toxins. Toxins get into our body due to air pollution, smoking, use of pesticide products.

Sport relieves menopause symptoms better than

medication. Regular fitness classes during menopause is one of the most effective means to combat hot flashes and weight gain.

5 Things You Need To Know About Cancer of the endometrium

According to statistics, endometrial cancer occurs in every cell of women, and most often after menopause.

Scientists have found a link between cholesterol and weather

It turns out that the level of cholesterol in the blood is dependent on weather conditions, said the staff of the Centre for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Tsikkaron.

Bodrov morning: 10 simple exercises

Oh, the ringing alarm clock Turn on "autopilot" fast charges, shower, breakfast and run to work! And all this in half asleep, almost without opening his eyes.

Healthy sex: 8 facts about orgasm, you need to know every woman

Sexologists called 8 facts about orgasm, you need to know every woman, if she wants to take pleasure in bed!

6 skin problems, indicating severe disease

If you are a long time can not get rid of unpleasant marks on the face, cracks on lips or dry skin, it is best to make an appointment with a dermatologist or beautician.

All truth about immunity, why not help Supplements

Globally, the immune response can be of two types - congenital and acquired. At the first sign of infection is triggered innate immunity.

10 dangerous neurological diseases, inherited

It is no secret that many diseases are transmitted to us "inherited". And neurological here is no exception.

Preheat food can harm the body

Experts warn that after repeated heating of food can cause significant damage to health.

The most important nutritional supplements

Experts gathered ten of the most common food additives and tried to tell them impartially.

How to drink green tea?

Green tea has many benefits for our health. Despite the fact that they have not all proven scientifically, it is known that most of them are actually.

Chinese leafy vegetables: make a variety in the diet

Chinese leafy vegetables are not only very rich in nutrients, but also able to diversify your diet and taste sensations.

Scientists: pasta useful for slimming

The common opinion about the dangers of pasta for the figure turned out to be dietary myth - scientists have refuted it and said about the benefits of pasta.

7 tips from doctors on how to avoid

cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer at the WHO compiled a list of the strongest carcinogens.

Scientists: lack of sleep affects the ability to work worse

alcohol. Scientists have shown that lack of sleep is dangerous for the human capacity for work, than drunkenness.

Scientists have questioned the benefit

chocolate. Researchers have launched a four-year clinical trial of the COSMOS, which is expected 18 thousand people will take part.

Frostbite: how to prevent and how to help

In the cold primarily small vessels constrict to conserve heat in the whole body, so the blood circulation in the hands and feet slowed.

9 great ideas as unusual use regular coffee

Coffee - it is more than just a drink. And the coffee beans, and thick, and the drink itself, you can use a very unconventional ways.

Spaying threatening heart problems

Researchers from the University of Warwick have discovered during their research unexpected connection: between the removal of the ovaries in women and the risk of heart disease.

In Ukraine banned the popular antibiotic

In Ukraine, introduced a total ban on antibiotic "Bitsillin-5", which is used to treat infections provoked by bacteria sensitive to it, in particular, acute tonsillitis, scarlet fever, wound infections, erysipelas, rheumatism, etc.

Four characteristic sugar addiction, and how to get rid of it

Scientists are often compared with drug dependence of sugar. The excessive amount of sweets cause us a sense of euphoria and gives extra energy.

Doctors do not agree that fresh vegetables are more useful than cooked

There are a variety of vegetables, which by heat treatment more easily absorbed by the stomach and does not lose its beneficial properties.

Named sport that provokes the development of dementia

Enjoy a glass of beer with friends cheer for the football team? Or maybe you dream of football career for her son?

Fasting from 5 pm to 8 am will allow to lose weight and live longer

The key to successful weight loss is not any specific diet, and refusal of food intake after 5 pm.

Best hangover cocktails - mix one minute

Back to reality quickly and painlessly difficult after the New Year marathon, but it is possible.

Recovery after the holidays: the three most frequent violations

body. If you ask: which body receives the brunt during long holidays? - That the vast majority did not hesitate to answer: of course, the liver!