Researchers told what diseases can be recognized by the handwriting

human handwriting contain valuable information about his health as British scientists have found.

Cleansing the kidneys of toxins: tips

Imagine that your kidneys - a filter, which is also from time to time need to be cleaned so that it can function properly.

The philosophy of slow life: how to learn to live and not to rush

How often do you allow yourself to relax, not to pursue higher, deadlines, or something else? If you think we have always something to somebody must.

Uncovered in the cold head or neck get any serious complications

Head and neck - the most vulnerable parts of the body and overcooling can provoke a lot of serious complications.

The smell of lemon eucalyptus and disinfect premises during epidemics

The smell of lemon and eucalyptus significantly reduces the concentration of viruses and harmful bacteria in the apartment.

Named the 5 classic symptoms of pancreatic diseases

Our pancreas produces enzymes and hormones, which are essential for normal digestion.

9 simple secrets that will help you on the way to a slimmer body

Ideal body requires will power, speed and time. You can achieve it only if you work at a time.

Negative emotions trigger heart disease and vascular

The mood of the person experiencing emotions - all this affects the state of the heart and can lead to diseases, doctors warn.

Created a tablet from hemophilia

Hemophilia is an inherited disease in which blood clotting is disturbed.

Doctors called the 10 best foods to enhance immunity

Doctors say that the correct diet can help strengthen the immune system is much more effective than supplements.

Persistent headaches may indicate

brain tumor. The researchers argue that the constant periodic headaches may be the cause of malignant brain tumors.

It found a way to teach the immune system how to destroy the tumor

Scientists from the University of Southampton have discovered a method that helps the body's immune system to recognize and destroy malignant tumors.

Scientists: stress can lead to cancer

The researchers reported that their latest experiments and observations found a correlation between stress and cancer in humans.

Doctors listed the myths about sugar

Sugar and a healthy diet are incompatible, says the proverb. But is it from the point of view of science?

How to avoid becoming a victim of ice

Due to the ice roads are transformed into a real ice rink. Since they were not sprinkled all reagents, the risk of injury is high.

What you need to know about sleep, to sleep?

It is not necessary to be a morning and get up early to be alert and productive. It is necessary to study and understand the dream that is right for you.

Top 9 foods that are not suitable for breakfast

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Wrong products provokes chronic fatigue syndrome overeating: it is already at 11 am you will want to eat again.

Named the 5 mistakes in the treatment of fungal infections

If you have a fungal infection only desire is the desire of every woman as quickly as possible to get rid of the disease.

Named three mandatory for every day

product. American scientists have stated, some of the products should be included in the daily diet as it may seem boring.

Coffee prolongs life

Familiar to all the coffee was a drink of longevity: the recent experiment demonstrated the link between its use and a higher life expectancy.

How to restore the intestinal microflora naturally

Improper diet and taking certain medications violates the intestinal flora. Experts advise how to restore the microflora of the most natural way.

Fatty food increases the pressure is not at all

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is set in the regulation of metabolism in the body of electrolyte and the regulation of blood pressure.

10 effective ways to get rid of a hangover

Hangover - one of the most ancient and widespread human suffering, research scientists, almost every adult in one way or another has suffered from this.

Carbohydrate-free diet protects against cancer

German scientists said that the rejection of carbohydrate intake reduced the risk of cancer.

7 easy steps to get rid of fat in the abdomen

Fat in the abdomen - is not only unsightly but also dangerous! The extra kilograms may be an indication of diabetes or other serious diseases.

Top 5 products for pain

In today's hectic lifestyle chronic pain attack us more and more, and many drugs are addictive and can not cope with his task.

How not to get drunk at the banquet table, and what to do with a hangover?

Unpleasant surprises in the form of intoxication can occur with almost every one of us (of course, except for those who do not drink).

After the flu people sink into depression

If you have gone through the treatment of influenza, it already is at risk due to the risk of depression.

11 signs indicate that you - not the common cold

We used perehazhivat cold on my feet - and do not think it's something special. However, if these symptoms are present, you should know that you have a serious illness!

Herbs that will take care of pancreatic

If you know that the pancreas - your sore spot, try not to overeat and do not abuse the heavy food.