Top 5 benefits of walnuts for

health. Walnuts are one of the most useful nutritional products, which we are only nature can provide.

Honey and fruits high in vitamin C can harm the liver

Abuse of honey and fruits high in vitamin C can damage the liver.

Extreme diet protect against cancer and help to lose weight

Extreme diets, implying a sharp decrease in the number of calories, have a powerful preventive effect.

Than and how to have a snack so as not to meet a holiday with a hangover

New Year from a bright holiday can easily turn into painful suffering, if you do not calculate your dose of alcohol. However, scientists say that the snack plays an important role.

10 drinks that will help you keep warm on a cold winter evening

When the blues comes and nothing pleases, we advise wrapped in a soft blanket, gather around the family and enjoy the fragrant hot drinks while watching the legendary movie.

The rehabilitation period after the flu body needs plenty of water and light fruit

After suffering the flu and acute respiratory viral infections, most patients for a long time feeling sluggish and constantly complain of weakness.

Herbs for Weight Loss

If you think you have to torture yourself diets women started only two or three decades ago, it is deeply mistaken.

How to put himself in a good shape for the summer, if you've not played sports

Let's face it: We love it when our body like other people. Every year in the spring, many are thinking, how they will look on the beach or during a picnic.

5 of safe and useful

sweets. Useful sweet food health gives the body strength, muscle and brain supplies the necessary energy, improves sensory perception.

What to cook for Christmas 2017?

For many of us the night of 6 January 7 - the most long-awaited winter holiday.

How to take better care of themselves: 4

useful advice. We often forget about it, finding a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, attention to yourself is extremely important for the normal functioning.

Some facts about the benefits of fasting

Experts once again told, what will you have the right hunger: education willpower resumption number of healthy cells in the brain and other positive results.

How to talk to himself in order to achieve success

We are constantly on something we think, but not always, attach importance to the content of those conversations. However, according to psychologists, this content depends on the progress and quality of life.

Education at the University of obesity provokes

Researchers from the US have found that college or university contributes to the emergence of excess weight among students.

Treatment of diseases of the bronchi and lungs with the help of fennel: 12 recipes

Herbal teas with fennel will be useful in the treatment of diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Refuted the link between inclement weather and rheumatism

Scientists from Australia, investigated the state of health in 1300 patients suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and back pain, we came to the conclusion that the weather has no effect on these problems.

Simple exercises for the morning exercise

A set of exercises in the morning - a constant attribute of healthy lifestyles, but not all as easy as it seems. After all, you need to get up early - and so want to prolong the moment of sleep

The legendary recipe of Tibetan monks for white and strong teeth

Tibetan monks have no specialty stores, but at their disposal is a huge amount of natural resources, generously donated human nature.

Doctors have called the most dangerous group

blood. People with a fourth blood group (AB) proved to be particularly prone to developing problems with memory and thinking.

6 habits of good relations in

pair. Happy couples do not only have fun. They have to constantly work on the formation of habits that are beneficial both to each partner separately, and their union.

7 most healthy

spices. Often a large claim to healthy food for those who want to eat right, it is quite featureless taste of many products from the list of useful food.

7 habits to lose weight

Yes, it's not so simple: to lose weight and throw off excess weight. However, our tips will help you!

Pizza can be addictive

Experts from the University of Michigan said that the pizza is capable of causing addiction and even dependence, according to foreign medical journals.

Create a Christmas mood

Holidays bring a lot of trouble: the choice of gifts to the menu. In addition, you need to consider how to combine a balanced diet with plenty of sweets.

spouses Pose in a dream tells the truth about marriage

So, in what position he prefers to sleep spouses, can tell a lot about the strength of their marriage - psychologists, new arguments in favor of this statement.

Tinnitus: how to overcome the problem with the power

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, tinnitus is a fairly common problem.

Scientists: about Christmas Magi heralded not the Star of Bethlehem, and a rare procedure

planets. Professor Grand Matthews said that the wise men came to Jerusalem not because of appearing in the east of the Star of Bethlehem, but because they saw an extremely rare planetary phenomenon.

What to eat in the New Year in different countries of the world

Virtually every country in the world have their traditional New Year dish.

Named products that can help in

holidays. Holidays - a real test for the organism, because the table is so much tasty. But there is a way to protect the body from the holiday stress - useful products.

Fitness Anti-Aging

Numerous scientific studies prove the beneficial effects of any kind of physical activity on life expectancy.