Nutritionists have told how to reduce the caloric content of the New Year's table

Christmas menu, there are no low-calorie, but reduce the amount of calories consumed and prevent overeating and substantial harm to the figure and health under the force of each.

Named berry, which protects against skin cancer

Use of compounds contained in the grapes can be effective for the prevention of skin cancer.

7 products that contain hidden sugar

Even if you think of the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, it does not mean that your diet is not harmful food.

Spring beriberi: how to identify and remedy the lack of vitamins in the body

Every year in February, our body begins to feel the painful lack of vitamins. Condition it can last until April, if it is not corrected.

Hammer toes indicate latent diabetes

Hammer toe deformity may be a sign of hidden diabetes, which requires emergency treatment, as established researchers.

Obesity hinders save memory

Obesity literally destroys the human brain, the study found. All possible exercises to strengthen the memory of clinical obesity among the victims ineffective.

Top 5 useful properties of ginger

Ginger is widely used in cooking, medicine and even cosmetology. What is so useful for this spice?

How to effectively lose weight without dieting

The popular belief that to lose weight quickly and many can not be firmly lodged in the minds of modern humans.

Scientists have discovered what women

repel men. Psychologists from the United States reported that their study has proved that men are afraid of smart women are literally repel the opposite sex.

A glass of wine before going to bed can replace a diet?

Scientists from the United States summed up the 13-year study and recognized that wine can help women lose weight. According to them, wine lovers are always slimmer trezvennits.

The doctors said, as is mayonnaise without harm

Many of the harmful features of this product are attributed to mayonnaise wrongly believe nutritsiologi.

The most effective natural remedies for congestion

bile. One of the most important organs of the digestive system - it is the gall bladder and liver.

Interesting psychological facts with which we are confronted daily

Every day we fall into the trap that adjusts us to our brain, and sometimes it themselves fooling.

Named products that increase performance

Iron deficiency is associated with fatigue, low capacity for work and problems with academic performance.

7 most common mistakes that prevent weight loss

When we try to lose weight, the most important thing to adhere to proper nutrition, then one can achieve excellent results.

6 reasons why people lie

Clinical psychologist David Ley is working with a pathological liar, and he was able to discover six reasons why patients do not want to tell the truth.

How to get rid of love to the sweet 10

steps. Sugar - is one of today's global problems. We too love sweets, so easy to give them up.

breath analysis will help the victims of cancer of the stomach and esophagus

A simple breath analysis can save lives at the expense of early diagnosis of cancer.

Stress negatively affects

vessels. Stressful situations have an adverse effect on the blood vessels, researchers said psychologists.

Consumption of herbal tea can be dangerous

German experts reminded of caution in the consumption of herbal teas: their quality and safety do not always meet our expectations.

Geneticists said that the fat burning process can be started in all

Experts from California (Scripps Research Institute) have found a hormone that leads to fat burning.

Whether the stomach is stretched with overeating?

Stomach - a flexible muscular organ, it is there going food processing gastric juice and its transformation into chyme (semiliquid mush).

It was found 23 genes responsible for metastasis of cancer

Scientists have discovered 23 genes that control how cancer invades the body. And it gives hope for new treatments for cancer.

7 products that will enhance the effect of diet

When the topic of conversation are diet, the first thing that comes to mind for each of us, - the restriction and refusal of certain types of food.

Secrets of centenarians: 11 reasons why the Japanese live longer than all

Japanese - tenacious people. At least, according to World Health Organization statistics, this is the case.

Scientists describe the food, which adds attraction to men

Beta-carotene gives the skin a yellow-orange hue. It is subconsciously perceived as a sign of good health.

Problems with the immune cause

parasites. Many people began to pay attention, and that viral colds started to visit them more often in recent years. Explanations around a lot, but the most popular - new strains of influenza, which hit particularly effective in winter

5 basic rules of how to drink fresh juices

The phrase "fruit juice" has long been synonymous with good. But is it? Everyone always whether you can drink it? How to do it correctly, so as not to cause the body harm?

15 tricks of food photographers about which few people know

Leafing through the gastronomic magazines, the tape in the "Instagrame" and promotional materials, we wonder how the food could be so delicious, and instantly reserve a table at a restaurant.

What to eat to sleep better

in the field of healthy nutrition experts called the unexpected foods that you need to eat before going to bed, if you want to sleep.