Why winter there want more

All about Che, you're thinking - it's the food? A habit to check the refrigerator every half an hour had already become manic? We found five reasons why winter is constantly hungry.

8 products which contain collagen, necessary

skin. If you are over 35 years old, and you notice that your skin loses its elasticity, firmness and the first wrinkles appear, the culprit is collagen, and more specifically, a decrease in its production.

Why it is useful to have a pear?

Pears - it's very tasty fruit, they contain a lot of water and you can enjoy them in hundreds of desserts.

Scientists have told us what the athletes are prone to depression

German scientists from the Technical University of Munich found that representatives of individual sports are more prone to depression than their counterparts working in teams.

Scientists spoke about the benefits of diluted apple juice

Single apple juice is very useful for patients with mild gastroenteritis and children, said experts from Canada.

Doctors discovered how to teach yourself to eat less

Those who are trying to lose weight, scored due to power for a long period of holidays, can help find the Danish researchers.


imperceptible symptoms of cancer. These cancer symptoms are very similar to "ordinary" pain, so they are easy to ignore.

10 symptoms of diseases which can be identified by eyes

Eyes - mirror of the soul. But in the eyes and you can still learn about some human diseases. What kind of symptoms associated with the eyes, may be the first signs of the disease?

5 important qualities that gives confidence

Self-confidence gives you a lot of advantages because people who have it are able to safely express their views and defend their point of view.

What should I do to avoid getting fat in winter?

In winter, I want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and not go out of the house? It's hard not to put on weight, but there is good news: following a few simple rules, you can keep in shape.

Accuracy - the politeness of kings. Most test strips for blood glucose meters

Diabetes is increasingly common in people every year. Endocrine disorders easier to identify due to the development of medical diagnostics. Accurate diagnosis has helped extend the lives of diabetics type 1. People with blood glucose instrument used to calculate the level of glucose in the blood. Such a device called a glucometer.

Named products that cause food who

Next time, think twice before for lunch order his burgers and fries.

6 changes in lifestyle for women with endometriosis

If you suffer from stress or lack of sleep, there is a possibility that the symptoms of endometriosis you deteriorate.

Flu, colds - useful products for the treatment and prevention of

During the epidemic of influenza and colds should pay attention to the menu. Do focus on products that enhance the immune system and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Almond, cherry, honey - products to improve sleep

Melatonin is called the "sleep hormone", it has sedative, anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties, in addition, it strengthens the immune system.

A few simple tips on how to maintain a healthy spine

Each of us understands that the spine is our support, support our body and our body ensures that all kinds of movements.

How to eat, not to become a victim of the "weather" of depression

Depressive states and fatigue are often accompanied by low or, on the contrary, increased appetite, but experts advise not to succumb to this trend.

Scientists claim that the sex change dramatically

Scientists from the US futurologists have come to the conclusion that in the near future such a sphere of human communication as sex, expect drastic changes.

Named cereals, contribute to weight loss

American nutritionists have called the most preferred method of use of cereals and their products, contributing, in particular, weight loss.

Nutritionists have called 23 product containing 0 calories

British nutritionists have pleased those who are trying to lose weight. Published rating of 23 foods do not contain calories.

Named the hormones that help to lose weight once and for all

In our bodies there is a constant "battle of hormones", some of which want to bring our appetite back to normal, others and inciting to eat something harmful and many.

How to clean the liver natural products

Liver - is the most important "cleansing" the body throughout our body. Our health and well-being depends on the liver.

The diet for heart health: pomegranate, chocolate and 10

products. The rapid pace of life, lack of proper rest and frequent stress - factors that affect the state of the cardiovascular system.

10 dangers in the New Year's Eve

New Year's Day - it's a great time when you can relax from the hustle, bad thoughts and focus on your vacation with family and friends.

Fun in the mature years, it prolongs life

Continuous receive pleasure in his old age was associated with a low mortality rate - the more elderly people enjoy life, the less likely their death.

How to lose weight in the past month: an effective means of lemon, ginger and chia

It is not necessary to go to great sacrifices in order to lose weight. You can not give up the pleasure we get from eating, forcing himself to fasting and count calories.

Named the maximum "safe" number of hours worked per week

The maximum number of hours per week that the average person can devote to work without risk to health, is 39 hours.

The researchers found a link between coffee and sex

American scientists have found that between coffee consumption and sexual activity of men have a direct relationship.

Fatty food provokes cancer

prostate. If the diet male saturated fat, it enhances the level of cholesterol in blood, which is associated with progressive types of prostate cancer.

Posts in social networks talk about sexual problems

Posts left by people in the network blogs can produce intimate secrets of their respective owners.