Five delicious teas that you can make instead of black

Many of us, giving up of black tea, for various reasons, are looking for their new favorite varieties.

5 Mistakes to metabolism that prevent lose weight

You restrict to a minimum the number of calories in the diet and still can not lose weight?

Named the pros and cons of an afternoon nap

Many adults believe that sleep in the afternoon - a luxury. Often among the busy schedule is not even 10 minutes for a nap.

The parasites attack the immune system

Statistics show that one of the main reasons for the weakness of immunity is a glut of parasitic organism. These harmful microorganisms live in the human years, multiply and gradually worsen vital functions of the body.

Hand washing reduces the risk of contracting SARS

US researchers conducted a study on the relationship between hand washing and the risk of catching SARS usual.

8 products that are difficult to digest

If you want to adjust the diet, then examine the list of products on offer and to identify those that suit gastric diversion.

Scientists have proposed a simple method to improve

brain condition. Excellent prevention of this unpleasant phenomenon as cognitive decline are houseplants.

TOP-4 product, which should have a daily

To be healthy and to saturate your body with all the necessary substances for normal vital activity, not necessarily to follow some complex diet.

Nutritionists have called superfoods available

Find Sales cabbage kale, quinoa and chia seeds - often a difficult task. But in the world there are many alternatives, containing similar nutrients.

How to lose extra weight and avoid sagging skin folds?

Many of the weight loss stops are not lazy, and the idea that a new body you will have to get along with your skin for a few sizes too big.

How not to overeat during PMS

Premenstrual syndrome, in addition to such unpleasant symptoms such as oily skin, fatigue and bad moods, and more fraught with a keen sense of hunger.

How to avoid spring problems with the thyroid gland?

Even with the minor disruption of the functioning of the thyroid gland may experience any side diseases caused by malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Medicines for colds threaten myocardial

Use of medicines for colds and flu three times increases the risk of heart attack. To such an unexpected conclusion was made by researchers from Taiwan.

How to meet the year of the Fire Rooster to bring the happiness and good fortune

According to the Eastern calendar, the symbol of 2017 - Red Fire Rooster. Rooster is poultry, which differs courage, cheerfulness and good temper.

Needles and onion peel cleanse the body of toxins

Methods of cleansing the body a whole lot, but it is safer and more effective to use a mixture of herbs.

Warming food: what to eat to keep warm

To stop with horror to think about going outside on a cold day, the experts talked about the products that can warm you from the inside.

Risk of obesity: lack of oxygen during sleep and divorce

Famous Polish cardiologist Arthur Mamtsezh told that this refrigerator genetics and why the full risk of divorce is greater than in lean.

The psychologist advised how to prevent family quarrels during

holidays. It is noted that during the long holidays couples are not only more likely to quarrel, but sometimes even leave.

9 of interesting things to tell about

hands health. Every day we look at our hands, but often we do not pay attention to their appearance, and we do not bother to change their condition.

Carnival: the secrets of perfect pancakes

Experts told what secrets you need to know to prepare a perfect pancake. Arm yourself with these tips - and go to the kitchen to fry masterpieces - piping hot.

8 useful facts about coconut oil

Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular among the followers of proper nutrition, and it is no coincidence.

How to tame the hormones that affect the set

weight. The endocrine system plays a major, if not the main role in regulating our weight.

How to save on fashion products: 10 Ways

Many of us from time to time sit on a balanced diet fitness food and so on. Not surprisingly, the so-called "superfudy" have become so fashionable.

Dry Eye Syndrome: Causes and solutions

problems. Causes of dry eye - weight: from computer work to allergies and even diseases. If you are often worried about burning, tingling or itching are likely to have dry eye syndrome.

Symptoms of diabetes: what to look for to prevent someone

Because diabetes is necessary to follow a diet, constantly monitor the level of blood sugar, take medications on time and experience, as if the disease is not brought to a coma.

What is to be feared in the year of the Red Fire Cock

In 2017 according to the Eastern calendar, will be held under the auspices of the Red Fire Cock.

Migraine: What You Need to Know for headache

Every seventh person knows first hand in the world, that is a migraine. Migraine - a hereditary disease, which is the main symptom - a throbbing pain in his head.

Natural anti-: food, which will help not to get sick

All around you are coughing and sneezing? Include in the diet of these foods, and you can forget about hospitals and pharmacies! And the list is much broader than just lemons and garlic.

5 "tasty" options for handling days

Fasting days - it's not hard daily fasting and consuming only water.

Dentists advise brushing

less teeth. We all know that brushing your teeth should be at least twice a day, but better - after each meal. But is it really?