Named the hormones that help to lose weight once and for all

In our bodies there is a constant "battle of hormones", some of which want to bring our appetite back to normal, others and inciting to eat something harmful and many.

How to clean the liver natural products

Liver - is the most important "cleansing" the body throughout our body. Our health and well-being depends on the liver.

The diet for heart health: pomegranate, chocolate and 10

products. The rapid pace of life, lack of proper rest and frequent stress - factors that affect the state of the cardiovascular system.

10 dangers in the New Year's Eve

New Year's Day - it's a great time when you can relax from the hustle, bad thoughts and focus on your vacation with family and friends.

Fun in the mature years, it prolongs life

Continuous receive pleasure in his old age was associated with a low mortality rate - the more elderly people enjoy life, the less likely their death.

How to lose weight in the past month: an effective means of lemon, ginger and chia

It is not necessary to go to great sacrifices in order to lose weight. You can not give up the pleasure we get from eating, forcing himself to fasting and count calories.

Named the maximum "safe" number of hours worked per week

The maximum number of hours per week that the average person can devote to work without risk to health, is 39 hours.

The researchers found a link between coffee and sex

American scientists have found that between coffee consumption and sexual activity of men have a direct relationship.

Fatty food provokes cancer

prostate. If the diet male saturated fat, it enhances the level of cholesterol in blood, which is associated with progressive types of prostate cancer.

Posts in social networks talk about sexual problems

Posts left by people in the network blogs can produce intimate secrets of their respective owners.

Apple Express Diet: minus 2-5 kg!

Express diet designed for 1-3 days and help relieve during this period of 2 to 5 kg.

What happens to the body when added to water with lemon turmeric

Turmeric has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to improve the state of health, and its amazing health benefits have been scientifically proven.

The best foods for a clear mind

Nutritionists have called the top 10 foods that will help cheer up your tired gray matter and bring clarity and creative thinking.

How to lay the table for the New Year: the best ideas

It remains quite a bit of time before the most important night of the year. Already you can and should be in the relax-mode, sum up and, of course, plans for 31 December.

Eight of products available to help you lose weight

Mistakenly widely believed that diet and healthy eating - it is expensive and has a budget significantly. Experts debunked this myth.

TOP 6 products successfully suppress appetite

Certain foods produce hormones in the stomach for a long time that we retain a sense of satiety. Nutritionists call from Spain 6 similar products.

Unexpected cause of headaches

Scientists were able to figure out how to deal with the most common and painful kind of headaches.

6 symptoms on your nails, which should not be afraid

Dermatologist debunks myths about the fragility of the nails, and tells what is meant spots and stripes on them.

Gastrointestinal disease: treatment products

beekeeping. Honey - a natural product of nature, which is made honey bees from the nectar, sweet juice, honeydew - sweetish liquid, sugar-containing substances.

5 Tibetan poses, which bring rejuvenation

Each of us would like to find a treasured tool that can stop the march of time. But many of us do not know that there are poses that can bring us rejuvenation.

7 signs that you need to love yourself more than

Our life is too short to worry about what people think about us around. Try to love yourself more!

Love to yourself - step to the health!

I love to yourself - a natural feeling, allowing a person to be healthy and keep your body in good shape.

9 ways to live longer and better

You can try to fix your lifestyle and live a much better quality than imagined. All you have to do - is to learn some useful habits.

Eczema: 9 of the rules that will help avoid complications

If in your life once broke eczema goodbye to her has not come out good. This disease linger with you for life.

High blood pressure: 7 natural remedies to solve the problem

High blood pressure, or hypertension - is one of the most common problems with the heart and blood vessels in the world.

Depression provokes cancer

Mental diseases presumably affect the predisposition to certain types of cancer.

Do not be afraid of the routine, too happy it!

Every day we go to work, talk to the same people, have lunch at one and the same time. And once we think: nothing happens in my life, there is no place for the new.

8 signals that you drink too little water

It is believed that approximately 70% of the human body is water. To live without it one can not more than a week.

How to restore the liver after the holidays: domestic Bile

funds. Pain in the right upper quadrant, which appeared after heavy feasts - a signal about the problems in the liver.

Psychologists call this love 10 signs

Are you really in love with the person or just having a strong liking to him? Psychologists from England named 10 accurate signs of this love.