The reasons of the aggressiveness of cancer cells

Researchers at Yale University have reported that they inadvertently failed to disclose the reason for the increased activity of cancer cells.

Doctors have told, what is the secret of any

diet. Some people are lucky enough, they manage to keep the form in the complete absence of concern about what they eat.

Diet drinks, due to which there is a weight gain

in the field of nutrition experts call drinks, which in any case can not be used for people who are trying to lose weight.

Calluses on the feet may indicate dangerous

disease. Can a hard skin on our feet to be a sign of cancer? Scientists have discovered a link between corn and cancer of the esophagus.

Yoga to help the stomach

Each of us from time to time there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, heartburn, bloating, constipation How to cope with all these ailments

5 Rules food after exercise

in the field of sports experts from the United States voiced 5 most important rules of the meal after training.

It named a plant that protect against dementia

If you do not want to be faced with senile dementia, include in your daily diet salad with chicory.

How to clean and rejuvenate orrganizm

In appearance, the person is usually possible to draw conclusions about his state of health.

What to do if you or someone fell through the ice

On the eve of the spring and the melting of ice experts gave advice to fans of fishing and outdoor activities, not only to help to survive in an extreme situation and to save another person.

How to quickly and easily clean the microwave and abide by its purity

Inveterate stains inside the microwave clean up is easier than you think. Nothing extraordinary. All you need is water and lemon soda or vinegar.

Fat stimulates the emergence of deadly cancers

Scientists from the Institute of Biotechnology in Belgium Flanders discovered the mechanism of metastasis of cancer.

15 little secrets to please others

We do not care about the impression we make on others, so we unconsciously strive to please them.

Happy New 2017 Year!

Dear readers! Revision health info wishes you a Happy New Year!

Scientists have listed harmful properties

coffee. Despite all its advantages, the coffee is not the most healthful beverage in the world. It increases blood pressure, harmful to pregnant women and is addictive.

Just one cheeseburger can cause liver disease

German researchers found that just one serving of unhealthy food enough for the onset of the disease of the liver and diabetes.

What food is useful in cold weather: expert advice

In order not to freeze on the walk in the winter when it's cold, all experts in vote recommend to eat well before leaving.

As after the delicious feasts lose weight

Nowadays, there are many products that will add energy to help burn fat and cleanse the body.

What will happen to the body if you drink green tea every day?

Green tea - is a natural drink that is part of traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

A simple drink of ginger, onions and turmeric, which cleanse the lungs of the smoker

If you are a smoker or former smoker, your lungs, probably full of toxins. Clear the lungs from the effects of addiction help miracle drink.

Optimistic live longer

A new study provides evidence to suggest that women with a positive outlook on life have a lower risk of dying prematurely than a pessimist.

Sensitive issue -

urinary incontinence. . More than 13 million people in the world suffer from incontinence, and 11 million of them -. Women.

High and low blood pressure causes, prevention and treatment

Doctors told how much pressure is normal, who are more prone to high blood pressure, and that includes the high and low pressure prevention.

What should be on New Year's table

For good luck, happiness and well-being did not leave family and home for a moment, it is extremely important to know what should be on the table in the New Year 2017.

Products that accelerate aging of the skin

Keep your skin in good condition, it is sometimes very difficult because there are many stimuli, adversely affecting the skin.

Medication for the holiday table: the safety rules

In combination with certain medications glass of wine in the New Year's Eve can turn from a festive attribute bomb.

Recipes with ginger in diseases of the liver and bile ducts

The reasons for the occurrence of liver diseases are many but the main ones are unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, a sedentary lifestyle, viral infection.

Onions can undermine health

heart. Onion is associated with a healthy diet, as has long been known that it is full of vitamins. But physicians are reminded that this vegetable can have on the body and the harmful influence.

10 myths about food, which denies science

Many still try not to eat after six pm. It seems that if the sleep on a full stomach, eaten everything goes into fat. But this is just a myth.

8 obvious symptoms of lung cancer

About 8 most common symptoms of lung cancer have told experts in the treatment of this disease in Germany.

Sex outside of time: how to keep the passion in a relationship

Often we hear that after many years of living together "sex is not important", "at this age feel ashamed to think about it", "relationship to a new level," and so on.