6 types of people, from whom better to stay away

To be in bad company - simple. Very often we are surrounded by people who should not be close.

5 ways to restore the acid-alkaline balance

Acid-base balance is very important to maintain the body healthy.

Good seafood can be dangerous

Fish, shrimp, scallops and other seafood is considered to be very useful for health food. But the study by researchers from the United States finished an unexpected verdict.

7 simple ways to clean

vessels. When cleaning the arteries and veins of the body to remove salt deposits and all kinds of precipitation, we return them to the elasticity, flexibility, as well as do their young.

9 secrets to help you work less and more to keep up

Many people are practicing techniques of effective work and saving time, note that their performance is actually reduced.

How to avoid a hangover from

wine. The less alcohol in alcohol, the less likely to wake up in the morning with a headache. However, as it turned out, the wine - a special drink.

Why does fatigue persists - unexpected causes

Also there are lots of illnesses the underlying causes that seamlessly selected vitality, doctors say.

Brain scans detect

intelligence. American researchers from Yale University managed to define human intelligence using brain scans.

7 Reasons

strange smell of urine. Urination - delicate moment, which occurs several times a day with each of us, but no one discusses the problems with this aloud.

Named the most common causes of failure of dieters

To find out the cause of the "problem of the century" - the failure of weight loss - took, inquisitive researchers from the UK

Doctors: forgetfulness can be an extremely dangerous signal

We note that in recent years often find yourself forgetting? Do not leave it just like that.

Top 5 slimming breakfast

As is known, the breakfast - the best friend losing weight, so now parse what products need to be sure to include in your diet for weight loss morning.

How to quickly improve the condition when starting a cold

Headache, fever begins, the discomfort in the whole body Anyone familiar with these early signs of the disease.

What you need to know about the health of the liver?

Unhealthy lifestyle can cause a lot of ailments, and liver diseases are one of the first places.

Vitamin Express Diet: minus 2-4 kilos!

This diet not only promotes weight loss of 2-4 kg, but also nourishes the body with vitamins. Diet designed for 3 days.

3 tips to help you cope with the fluid retention in the body

Fluid retention may occur in the body of any person. Moreover, this phenomenon faced by almost everyone, at least once in life.

7 signs of the presence of parasites in the body

From the parasites in the body no one is immune. The eggs of parasites can get into the stomach due to unwashed hands, poorly washed vegetables or fruit, "kisses" of animals, etc.

A low-calorie diet normalizes sleep

Researchers from Finland reported that a low-fat diet has a positive effect on human sleep.

7 best products for your hair

dreams. Want chic long hair, and they still can not grow? Replace mantras and feverish trimming the tips of proper nutrition - and succeed!

Scientists: stress prolongs life

It seems that we can stop being nervous because of the fact that we all too often get nervous.

What are phytoestrogens, and where they can find

The functioning of the human body are involved a lot of hormones. Each of them has its own function.

Named available product that healthier brain

If you want to have a healthy brain, then you eat eggs for breakfast, as suggested by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland.

Doctors: pillows - biological time bomb

Many people constantly complain of cough, dry throat, watery eyes. These may be symptoms of allergy to mites waste products of living in the cushions.

7 reasons to love spicy food

People are divided into two types: those who love spicy food, and those who can not stand. If you belong to the first type, you lucky.

What is the year to meet the Fire Red Rooster to bring good luck

According to the Oriental calendar 2017 will be the year of the Red Rooster, which will be held under the elements of fire.

12 "useful" habits, which are best forgotten

Business Insider reporter Erin Brodvin psevdopoleznyh talks about habits, giving up that you do not lose anything.

The researchers found out why when they are sick constantly sleepy

When a person becomes ill, he lost appetite, a desire to move. The only thing he wants - a dream. And a new study has shed light on the patient's behavior.

10 of the most effective products for natural detox

What is there to eat to cleanse the body of toxins and lose weight? There are people who use fast techniques or expensive means for weight loss.

Frozen aloe vera gel: discover its benefits!

Each of us knows how great the benefits of aloe vera gel to human health. Its beneficial properties virtually incalculable.

Down with the ban: 15 foods that can be eaten even on

diet. It is widely believed that a diet - it is an endless restrictions on food. We prove that it is not.