Insomnia - a disease family

Also in the family can be transmitted a certain attitude to insomnia.

Heavy smokers harm

brain. This disrupts the body position stabilization system (postural stability). Such problems often can be seen in alcoholics.

Breast augmentation with stem cells dangerous

Until now, formal approval procedure has not been, however, more and more hospitals rush to offer it to clients.

The new device will save

incontinence of urine. Engineers have developed a device that will help people with urinary incontinence of neurological origin.

The ban on smoking is beneficial

The ban on smoking in public places is dictated by concern for those who did not agree to inhale the smoke.

When blood pressure problems should reconsider your diet

In case of problems with pressure doctors recommend to take note of a few food rules.

Meditation eliminates post-traumatic stress

Transcendental practice by 50% reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.