What shoes to be safe from a medical point of view

The concept of safety footwear is built on years of experience of cooperation of doctors and manufacturers of shoes, as well as on modern scientific developments. Safety shoes - it's comfortable shoes.

Door handles, dispensers stop the epidemic of hospital infections

The British company has created Altitude Medical surface disinfectants hand knobs.

Water replaces rigid diet

Only 2 cups of water for 20-25 minutes before a meal can completely replace hard dieting and grueling sessions at the fitness center.

Love as an alternative to morphine

Love can be as strong a medicine for pain, as morphine. This applies particularly to the strong romantic feelings that we experience at the beginning of a relationship with a loved one.

Immune therapy is relieve of

eye diseases. Blindness caused by abnormalities in the retina structure, thing of the past thanks to the discovery of scientists.

"Fish" is hazardous to health pedicure

Popular among modern women a new type of pedicure by a small exotic fish Garra Rufa, which eat during the procedure hardened skin may soon be banned in many European countries.

With the offer to fight stress versification

Based on new knowledge, researchers are working to develop a special treatment against stress, phobias, anxiety and sadness.

Open smartphone obsession

Most of all, it checks for updates users, and that's the main is the use of smart phones.

It found a way to escape death cores

Small amounts of money, prevent blood clots, called Xarelto (production of Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson) reduce the risk of death by more than 30% when it is used together with standard medications, blood thinners in patients with acute coronary syndrome.

Brain Electrical makes people smarter

With the help of a special electrical cord can increase the person's perception of new knowledge and information.

Young people and old people make happy opposite

things. Young people and old people make happy opposite things, scientists have found.

Psychologists have called the main reasons for workaholism

Psychologists call causes transformation into workaholics. 80% of workaholics - people who want to always and everywhere be the first.

Massage with hair loss

Hair Loss - a very frequent phenomenon in the modern world, are caused by a genetic predisposition, stress, improper hair care, the environment and many other factors.

Insomnia - a disease family

Also in the family can be transmitted a certain attitude to insomnia.

Heavy smokers harm

brain. This disrupts the body position stabilization system (postural stability). Such problems often can be seen in alcoholics.

Breast augmentation with stem cells dangerous

Until now, formal approval procedure has not been, however, more and more hospitals rush to offer it to clients.

The new device will save

incontinence of urine. Engineers have developed a device that will help people with urinary incontinence of neurological origin.

The ban on smoking is beneficial

The ban on smoking in public places is dictated by concern for those who did not agree to inhale the smoke.

When blood pressure problems should reconsider your diet

In case of problems with pressure doctors recommend to take note of a few food rules.

Meditation eliminates post-traumatic stress

Transcendental practice by 50% reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.