Psychologists: learn to resist washing

brain. Often around you it is very advantageous to impose a definite opinion about people or situations, but learn to resist them.

Environmental pollution is harmful to the liver

Even healthy and leading a correct way of life, people are not immune to problems with the liver due to the high level of pollution.

Psychologists: punctuality defines

dignity of the individual. Punctuality - a very special trait that defines many of dignity.

Restaurants - incubators

dangerous intestinal infection. Epidemiologists have found that often the source of outbreaks of norovirus infection ( "intestinal flu").

Autism is associated with elevated levels of male hormones in utero

Autistic children during their fetal development have been exposed to high levels of steroid hormones.

Fiber protects against allergic reactions

The content of fat in the diet is directly linked to allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, experts believe.

Medicine of the future will be based on nanodevices

American scientists from the University of Texas at Austin have developed nanoelektromotor.


amenable to control. University of Montreal found out how you can improve insulin regulation in the body.

Doctors have determined how shoes affect the female orgasm

As it turned out, a woman's ability to get an orgasm affects even shoes!

It created a wireless pacemaker the size of a grain of rice

Created a new generation of wireless pacemaker, the size of which is comparable to the size of a grain of rice and does without the battery.

Junk food equated to cigarettes

Experts called on various governments to introduce binding rules for all food producers.

Prematurity learned to predict the two days

Canadian scientists have developed a test which is a blood test with 70% accuracy is able to determine the development of premature birth.

Protein diet for 7 days

Protein diet for 7 days and can be used as an independent weight-loss program, and as an intermediate link between weight loss phases.

"Smart patch" reveals nerve damage in diabetes

In diabetes, increased risk of nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy is diagnosed in 50% of diabetics).

Son cleanses toxins from

While our body is at rest, our brain holds the hard work by removing toxins that are produced during wakefulness.

Stress can catch

Misfortunes of others, even those we do not know, we increase the level of stress hormones.

Sexual activity is determined by the width of women

thighs. Women with wide hips, according to statistics, have more sexual partners than their rivals with narrow hips.

Synthetic virus will help in the diagnosis

The scientists were able to synthesize nanoparticles, which are structurally similar viruses.

Blood gave the key to the mystery of life expectancy

Term life is limited by the natural decay process of hematopoiesis.

Developed smart phone application for ex-alcoholics

US researchers have developed an experimental smartphone app for alcoholics.

Researchers have figured out the mechanism

moisturizing the skin. The study found that the natural moisturizing factor can increase the mobility of proteins and lipids.

Why, after forty need to control weight

Most people no longer strictly control their weight after 41 the researchers found.

Neuroscientists have discovered why people tend to loneliness

If a person has problems with the establishment of social relations, perhaps as a child he suffered a head injury.

A broad smile prolongs life

American psychologists say that wide smile prolongs life.

What shoes to be safe from a medical point of view

The concept of safety footwear is built on years of experience of cooperation of doctors and manufacturers of shoes, as well as on modern scientific developments. Safety shoes - it's comfortable shoes.

Door handles, dispensers stop the epidemic of hospital infections

The British company has created Altitude Medical surface disinfectants hand knobs.

Water replaces rigid diet

Only 2 cups of water for 20-25 minutes before a meal can completely replace hard dieting and grueling sessions at the fitness center.

Love as an alternative to morphine

Love can be as strong a medicine for pain, as morphine. This applies particularly to the strong romantic feelings that we experience at the beginning of a relationship with a loved one.

Immune therapy is relieve of

eye diseases. Blindness caused by abnormalities in the retina structure, thing of the past thanks to the discovery of scientists.

"Fish" is hazardous to health pedicure

Popular among modern women a new type of pedicure by a small exotic fish Garra Rufa, which eat during the procedure hardened skin may soon be banned in many European countries.