Scientists have found the cause of female rivalry

It is known that the propensity to aggression and rivalry in men is the hormone testosterone. A recent study by American scientists showed that the female hormone estrogen is no less potent than testosterone, and has similar properties.

Why smart women reach orgasm more difficult

Smart women reach orgasm more difficult, because they are too busy with reflections, a recent study showed. Researchers from Germany found that the more educated a woman is, the less it was satisfied with their sex lives.

Fundamentals of proper diet autumn

Autumn - a very difficult time not only for our mood, but also for our body.

Oranges are dangerous for women's health

Procedure of water consumption on an empty stomach is common in Japanese culture, it has its roots in antiquity.

What threatens the night waking

Waking at night can cause excessive set kilograms.

Fruits that interfere with the diet

One of the common mistakes - diet prevent fruit. Not all of them can be there if you want to lose weight.

We calculate the ideal size Heel

In the unanimous opinion of physicians, dangerous heels for a woman can be just flat soles. Fashion sandals, flip flops, ballet flats more often leads to pain in the legs.

Condoms increase potency

The certificate of conformity gives the manufacturer the right to sell CSD500 in the EU.

Seven erogenous "psevdozon" women

But remember that to run these "psevdozon" need a very skillful and very favorite partner.

How much and how to eat to lose weight

Benefits of fractional power should not be underestimated!

Disorders of orgasm are not specific to women

Ejaculatory and orgasmic dysfunction can be caused by antidepressants, testosterone levels decline, brain injuries, etc.

The vagaries of the female orgasm

Nature has given man the ability to have an orgasm. But at the same time men and women identified different biological functions. Therefore sexuality of each sex has its own laws and peculiarities.

Four effective techniques against headache

Everyone knows that the headache begins and ends without any apparent reason, suddenly. The fact that the causes of this phenomenon can be a lot, so to establish why a headache in a particular case is not easy.

Pitfalls of female beauty

Very few of the fair sex completely satisfied with their appearance.

Causes of female and male infidelity

"The chains of marriage are so heavy that they have to be held together. Sometimes the three of us." This sentence, even in the nineteenth century, expressed by Alexander Dumas son remains could not be more relevant in our time.

The most common male phobia

Procedure of water consumption on an empty stomach is common in Japanese culture, it has its roots in antiquity.

5 ways to avoid colds

How to protect yourself from the cold, if at work somebody is sick.

Why drugs for fat burning are dangerous to health

Anyone who is on a diet, be sure to know that 30% of drugs that promote weight loss, in its composition contain hazardous substances.

erogenous zones map woman

Every woman has a unique set of erogenous zones. Only good lover will be able to read her body language the first time. Many women are embarrassed to talk about their secret desires, so men have to look for the magical point empirically.

Refrigerators make the meat harmful

Gastroenterologist of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Waseem Khawaja advises against storing meat in the refrigerator.

Interesting ways to sleep

If you toss and turn at night often, and can not sleep, our article is just for you - it introduces you to the methods to overcome insomnia.

Why marriage terrible female infidelity

Procedure of water consumption on an empty stomach is common in Japanese culture, it has its roots in antiquity.

Researchers have found the cause of female jealousy

Scientists conducted an experiment, which studied the blood of women belonging to the same group. It turned out that all the fault

Pills to increase potency impotence threaten

Recently, American Inspection on drugs warned that medicines based on natural ingredients that are designed to improve the potency in men, in fact, contain substances that increase the erectile dysfunction, which subsequently leads to impotence.

To recover from the flu within 5 days

You find yourself flu symptoms (sore throat, feeling of sand in the eyes, aching joints, pulled muscles, and the head breaks as if from lack of air)? If there are no urgent matters, time off work and sit at home 5-7 days, and the flu can go in an easy manner. If your boss to live without you can not, you should explain to him that in this case, your remote will work productively for all.

It defined the most effective remedy for depression

But the sweetness, laughter, sports, art, increase the level of endorphins.

Office work is facing a variety of diseases

In addition to malnutrition, office work is difficult due to the dry indoor air, dust, read the computer.

The more dangerous a boring job

Workers who spend days perform monotonous, repetitive actions, as a result can not stand and completely lose interest in his duties, leaving in apathy.

Scientists have determined that promotes weight loss

American scientists have found that lack of sleep can make a person fatter, and restful sleep - prevent obesity.

Breast Augmentation: myths and facts

Anyway, interest in this delicate topic in human culture is inexhaustible, and not in vain, because the chest - a symbol of femininity and beauty.