In what kinds of pain should seek emergency medical attention

Many people ignore the pain, but in vain! Any pain signals to our body, which in a certain organ is not all right.

The most stupid reasons

divorce. Sometimes the causes of divorce do not sound ridiculous, but ridiculous. Perhaps employees registrar had heard plenty mad lots of reasons for divorce. Explore the most amazing of them.

Woman yawning when he wants

proximity. Is yawning something sexy? Scientists from around the world discussed the matter in Paris, for the first ever international conference on the issues of yawning.

The connection between mental disorder and mobile phone

OCD is characterized by the appearance of obsessive, disturbing or frightening thoughts, called obsessions.


bracing means. Sometimes our body suffers from lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which leads to a weakening of the immune system and the emergence of various diseases.

Four of the best ways to relieve headaches without medication

We used to barely begins batters in temples or squeeze his head, grasping for analgesics.

Named products that promote good sleep

Spanish chef Jose Maria San Roman says that he knows the list of foods that contribute to healthy sleep.

Products to help keep teeth naturally whiter

White teeth is not always given to us by nature and not necessarily require frequent visits to the dentist.

Lack of sleep harms the intimate life

Lack of sleep - a phenomenon quite common in our time bustle.

Why a trip to the underground unhealthy

According to scientists, the metal-rich dust particles present in the air underground, able to penetrate the underlying tissues of the body.

A super-diet for those over 40

In order to prevent the onset of many diseases associated with age, you need to follow a special diet, the American specialists advise

Ride the subway unhealthy

The researchers concluded that the use of public transport such as the metro, is harmful to human health. First of all, suffer hearing.

Interesting facts about

contraception. contraceptive history goes back thousands of years. What is to prevent pregnancy ancients did that make now? Some interesting facts, some of which you may have been unknown.

Washed vegetables: beautiful, but inedible

We know how to cheat sellers of vegetables and fruit: fruit that matured faster, is pumped into it "chemistry", and then treated with the means to enhance the appearance and prolong shelf life. But that's not all!

physical health secret health

soul. The natural desire for everyone is the desire to live a long life, with up to a ripe old age while maintaining good health.

Scientists have selected slimming products

US scientists have selected 7 products that ensure a comfortable and quite tasty weight loss.

The researchers have named the three steps necessary for female orgasm

In a series of experiments to isolate sexologists three necessary steps to facilitate obtaining a woman orgasm.

Feminism Harmful

Since Mary Wollstonecraft wrote her essay "Protecting the rights of women" in 1792 its active followers and followers fought for sexual equality, believing that it is there is hidden the key to the ideal society. Now, however, scientists have concluded that gender equality can adversely affect human health.

What is a "sleepy orgasm?"

US researchers conducted a study of female sexuality in the dream. Of the 245 respondents ladies under the age of 45 years, 30 per cent admitted that during sleep orgasm.

Ice to cool drinks contain dangerous bacteria

The report of the study indicated that the number of people suffering from indigestion, increased by 50% compared with 90-mi years.

Men's infidelity is hereditary

Scientists have found that men tend to often deceive their wives, has an affair on the side, in the event that their fathers changed their mothers.

Women's weight depends on

men. In the study, psychologists have made 5 phases, each of which is most severely affected by the reduction or weight gain woman.

Myths about weight loss: diuretic

funds. Consumption of diuretics for weight loss based on popular myths about human health. Ostensibly to lose weight, it is necessary to withdraw the excess water from the body. Few people think that diuretics are prescribed in special cases, and their uncontrolled intake can cause irreversible damage to health.

The female figure is an indicator of the mind

The researchers concluded that women with small breasts and lush thighs ( "pear") are prone to high intelligence.

Study: the most dangerous drug for society

The study, published in the pages of the authoritative British medical journal Lancet, suggests that alcohol is three times worse than on the impact on society than tobacco or cocaine.

Perfect pick up a condom every

Employees TheyFit 15 years worked to create superprezervativov, and finally they succeeded. Now young people to choose their safer sex are encouraged to download the size of the table of the penis and print centimeter, which is also the site of condom manufacturer.

Nicotine condoms: protection and

therapy. Swedish scientists have come up with a tool that will entice even the most inveterate smoker. What is the main problem of many inventions aimed at helping the smoker to say goodbye forever to his habit?

During orgasm switched

special type of consciousness. The researcher Barry Komisaruk from Rutgers University and his colleagues decided to find out what lies behind the mechanism of orgasm.

Solarium more dangerous than previously thought

Volunteers skin analysis showed: UVB-radiation negatively affected mainly the upper layers of the skin, causing wrinkles.

It opened the way to faster weight reduction

Scientists have opened the way to a more rapid burn calories and reduce weight. They discovered a way to body fat in rats conversion from one type to another.