Strengthening immunity: attitude of mind and the power of desire

Many human diseases develop because of violations of the laws of nature in human beings.

Problems with the cervix say about trying to keep someone

The reason for the problems with the cervix - remember insult partner, says a well-known psychoanalyst Louise Hay.

Causes of heart attack - the expulsion of joy

heart. Causes of heart attack - expulsion from the heart of all joy for the sake of money or career, or something else, says a well-known psychoanalyst Louise Hay.

Laryngitis shows fear to express their own opinion

Laryngitis - an inflammation of the larynx, an organ by which we made a sound. Laryngitis is characterized by hoarseness, cough and sometimes difficulty breathing.

Chronic stress: 5 steps to overcome

Often, chronic stress leads to problems such as anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure, weakened immunity

Heart pain - cultivate openness!

The meeting of two hearts makes life easier. After all, the smile of the heart - a proven remedy for chronic distrust, ill will and jealousy.

The ability to relax: the art of strengthening the immune system and the nervous system

Try to make your nervous system so strong that your body will automatically switch to the relaxation voltage.

The negative perception of yourself from childhood

Treat anorexia nervosa is not easy, but to help some patients can be particularly difficult.

The desire for love, forgiveness and freedom will help with polymyositis

Polymyositis indicates a person who is as if under duress, and demonstrates sverhmoralnoe sverhsovestlivoe behavior.

Varicose veins: help in healing the mood for recovery

With varicose veins, as well as for any other illness, the person usually finds himself face to face with the disease developing.

Hepatitis leads to peace and self-restraint

Inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) indicates the current conflict, noted Bodo J. Baginski and Sharamon Shalila in the book "Reiki." - Universal life energy. "

How to overcome fears

Remember how many times the last time you were going to do something - but never did?

Breath connects us with the surrounding life

Pneumonia - an infectious or viral pulmonary disease. Pneumonia begins acutely. Its main symptoms are: fever, malaise, severe fatigue.

Diseases of the skin - the message

soul. In healthy skin is a highly stable and balanced body, does not cause the slightest anxiety. It radiates peace and serenity.

Influenza indicates too strong overload

Flu - this is an indication of too much congestion or crisis, from which you would like to go, but you do not want to admit it.

Problems with a backbone: do not shoulder the backbreaking load!

When a person is too much takes upon his shoulders, and does it unconsciously, he feels pain in the cartilage.

Coping with stress as a stroke prevention

Stress - it is a normal reaction of the body, which is a response to external stimuli. Stress leads to adapt to changing conditions of existence.

Top 4 Ways to develop the creative abilities

Brilliant ideas do not appear in my head just so. It is necessary to try very much to where they "accidentally" appeared. How does this assist?

Relaxation techniques at an elevated level of cholesterol

Stress can increase blood pressure and impair immunity, according to recent research data even increase in blood cholesterol.

Allergy - a tangle of love, fear and anger

Allergy, or hypersensitivity, is a sign that the body is something not stand, says a well-known psychotherapist Luule Viilma.

Sore stomach: hidden aggression directed against one's own body

The initial link problems with the stomach - this irritation of the gastric mucosa, abbreviated as stomach irritation.

Bleeding says banning

enjoy life. Psychoemotional causes bleeding - out joy, anger expression, says a well-known psychoanalyst Louise Hay.

Relaxation techniques and relaxation in diseases

spine. Relaxation techniques help a person to relax, calm down, remove the emotional and physical stress.

Tune in to body purification and recovery

vessels. The main human ability is the ability to work on themselves, to engage in self-improvement, self-development, self-improvement, self-education.

Sexual tension and guilt - the causes of prostate problems

Prostate psychologically represents the symbol of the male principle.

How to attract into your life health: 8

tips. We offer you eight golden rules to help you stay healthy for many years.

Why sad after the holidays?

More than half of the winter holidays behind us. Someone had already left for work, someone is thinking when dismantling the Christmas tree.

Top 12 habits of happy people

It always seems that is about to begin to live a happy life. It is only necessary to buy it, to achieve this and to save up for it. Who I thought that happiness will come to learn?

How to get rid of bad thoughts

Most of our problems - the result of our thoughts, decisions, and actions. How to get rid of bad thoughts and anxieties that cause these problems?

Psychological meaning of Christmas: the link with the ancestors and forgiveness

Christmas - holiday fun however, as a mysterious, which is accompanied by many traditions and rituals.