Meditative practices for health

eyes. In order to improve eye health and visual acuity can be used meditative practices.

The process of digestion - a chain of transformations

Franz H. Meyer (the author named after him techniques to cleanse the body) used to say: "Death lies (waiting) in the gut."

Rheumatism - the result of constant criticism

Rheumatism is acquired from the constant criticism of ourselves and others, say analysts. People with diseased joints, always and everywhere aspire to be perfect.

9 effective ways to become happier

There are plenty of tips on how to become happier. Psychologists suggest use those which for some reason are not very popular, but, nevertheless, are effective!

Envy and frustration provoke kidney problems

If a person is constantly comparing yourself with others and feel envious of the fact that they have everything in order, and he does not, then affects the kidneys.

Confidence in their own abilities to help overcome ovarian disease

Ovary or ovaries - is paired female gonads, which are produced by the female sex hormones and egg cells are formed.

Rheumatism symbolizes the unresolved problems

Rheumatism - concept that refers to pathological changes in the tissues (especially - in the joints and muscles).

Top 3 ways to dismiss unwanted thoughts

Our brains are so well constructed that we sometimes difficult to control their thoughts. Then you sit at work, trying to focus on the task, and climbs to the head any nonsense.

7 ideas on how to stop being miserable

The first step towards getting to start to enjoy life - it is to stop poisoning yourself.

Diseases of the stomach indicate the need to grow

Gastric patient as a real chick, does not notice that the "adult" life is passing him.

Claims and distrust of the people provoke candidiasis

Candidiasis - an infection caused by Candida type fungi. The most common oral, genital and skin candidiasis.

It causes inflammation of the kidneys - the feeling of inferiority

It causes inflammation of the kidneys - the feeling of inferiority. You feel like a child who "can not do it right," and that is "good enough."

The fear of provoking a break

causes inflammation of tendons. A person suffering from tendon inflammation, inhibit or suppress the anger in yourself and do not give yourself to do something out of fear of provoking a break.

Plantar warts provoke irritation and confusion

Psychosomatic causes of plantar warts - small expression of hatred, belief in their own mess.

Calm breathing help ulcer

For prevention of gastric and duodenal ulcers is important to be able to cope with stress and maintain their mental health.

The impact of emotions on blood pressure

And hypertension and hypotension are often caused by psycho-emotional overload.

Fear of the future provokes foot problems

If you realize that you can not live any longer the way you live, but do not admit it consciously, your feet will clearly show you the current situation.

Meditative exercises with cholecystitis

In cholecystitis and other diseases of the liver and biliary tract helps meditative exercises.

Headache: picture

personality. Tension-type headache occurring for neurotic reasons, may be caused by external and (or) internal conflicts, primarily social.

8 exercises to achieve

integrity. Often we take one part of its identity and reject others. For example, we take the goodness and reject anger.

Cramp always mean much tension

Cramps in the legs - a phenomenon very painful, briefly depriving a person to move around.

The gut is the assimilation of vital wisdom

In the intestine, the digestion continues, and begins the absorption of nutrients, or, symbolically, the assimilation of life wisdom.

Kidneys - organs

teachings. If sad constantly comparing yourself with others and feel jealous fears of a diabetic, they have everything in order, and he does not, then it affects the kidneys.

Irritation to life circumstances provoke psoriasis

One of the possible psychological causes of psoriasis is an irritation on the circumstances of life, to the way of life that people have to carry.

The art of living in the present: 15 simple tips

How to stop wasting time and energy on something to sort out in the memory of the past and feel sorry about it, or worry about what has not happened yet?

Fear and fear of giving vent to feelings provoke hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids - is varicose veins of the anus and rectum.

Auditory training in diseases of the eye

This method of psychotherapy, like autogenous training - is a special form of self-hypnosis, which helps to quickly overcome the fear, pain and other discomfort.

Psychosomatics prostatitis

Psychologists distinguish four main types of experiences that can lead to problems with the prostate (prostatitis, prostate adenoma, prostate cancer).

Eczema - response to emotions experienced

More and more doctors have come to believe that the basis for eczema is defined psychosomatic. Eczema - a response to experienced human emotions.

In the liver, affect short temper, anger and rage

The main tasks of the liver is the production and accumulation of the energy metabolism and the withdrawal of poisons from the body. Liver assesses what is acceptable to us, and what is not.