Daily meditation - to achieve harmony and peace

Meditation is possible in different ways: reciting mantras, using certain patterns or flame, using special breathing techniques.

Meditation on the principle "Right now»

Meditation on the principle "Right now," allows you to live a meaningful, it adjusts to success and helps to find serenity and peace of mind.

15 simple ways to save a good mood

We are getting used to the internal state depends on external factors and perceive the "good" days, when there was no reason to be upset as well.

Gallbladder and Psychosomatics

Cholecystitis, dyskinesia and cholelithiasis of statistics are found in 15-18% of people, the majority of these diseases are found in women.

Allergy - a way to attract attention

In psychological terms, an allergy is a way to attract attention.

The desire to be a good cause benign tumors

There is a beautiful desire - the desire to be a good person. In short - this is our kindness. Compassion - the energy of the tree that makes a person a log.

Appetite expresses a taste for

life. People whose lives are limited to food and the problems associated with food, the digestive tract becomes ill.

How to get rid of unrest: 25

Buddha's lessons. Buddha - the legendary founder of Buddhism in India. In his sermons, there is nothing that would contradict the fundamentals of harmony of any other religious and philosophical currents.

10 strategies of self

Do you know yourself well enough to succeed and build a strong relationship? We offer you a self-strategies that really work!

Diarrhea indicates a desire to quickly see the fruits of their labor

Diarrhea indicates that a person can not wait to see the fruits of their labor, says a well-known psychotherapist Luule Viilma.

Elbow joint motion for a way to characterize

life. Elbow joints characterize the way of human movement through life. Life - it's great, if a person is able to communicate.

Meditative practices in urate diathesis

Uric acid diathesis characterized by very abundant precipitation of uric acid from the urine, salts of uric acid (urate) in the precipitate, which are normally retained in a dissolved state.

Sinusitis provokes irritation towards close

Sinusitis - an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. In psychosomatic understanding sinusitis it means that a person feels anger, because someone or something interferes with his plans.

Cirrhosis - a consequence of long-term fracture

The liver is the focus of anger and rage. Cirrhosis - a consequence of long-term failure, says a well-known psychotherapist Luule Viilma.

The power of thought: 10 ways to learn to love yourself

According to the eminent psychologist Louise Hay, life is very simple thing. What we get depends on what we give.

The mood for love and joy will help to avoid problems with the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system - a collection of specialized capillaries and vessels involved in the transportation of lymph from the tissues and organs in the venous system.

Emotional causes of essential hypertension

For high blood pressure greatly affect negative emotions. They arise as a result of the natural human desire to resist foreign aggression.

in the projection exercises for skin diseases

On a metaphysical level, the skin is the human capacity to appreciate themselves in the face of the world.

irritable stomach syndrome provoke stress

irritable stomach syndrome attributed to dysfunction of the body, wearing a psychosomatic character.

Conscious meditation to relieve stress and tension

The use of conscious meditation for overall mental and physical condition has been demonstrated by a number of scientific research.

The ability to hear - a physical manifestation

obedience. Inflammation and pain in the ear in children are often at an age when they learn obedience.

Intestine - second brain

Before you were born, all the building blocks for the formation of your growing cells in the body arrived for you in the womb of the mother, cleaned and ready to use.

Head lice occur in people allow themselves to parasitize

Head lice - are small insects that live on the human body. Lice infected children more often. There are pubic and head lice.

Five steps, how to recognize their desires

Cuschestvovanie, not life, celebration, held by. This is the formula that would express no desires.

Relaxation as a way to combat depression

Practice relaxation is different from what we usually implying the words "relaxation", "relaxation".

The reason for low blood pressure - the lack of love in childhood

Causes of hypotension - a deficit of love in childhood. Defeatism: "Who cares ?! Anyway, it will not work."

How to protect yourself from

stress. To protect yourself from stress, you need to not only know the stage of a stressful situation, but to be able to stop it at the stage of negative emotions.

Bad teeth indicate a lack of vitality

Oral cavity (like any other cavity) is endowed with the ability to accept and save. The mouth is like the moon, and not only in form.

Auditory training as prevention of heart disease

Good mood is the basis of healthy lifestyles and prevention of many diseases, including the cardiovascular system.

13 psychological tricks that will simplify life

Human personality is unique, but the psychology is constantly reveals new rules, working equally effectively in any man.