The top of the stomach relates to the spiritual pursuits

The top of the stomach relates to spiritual pursuits, says a well-known psychotherapist Luule Viilma. The upper abdomen arranged stomach, liver duodenum.

Change your life by changing thoughts

Not everyone is happy with their lives, many would like it to change something to improve, but only a few really hesitant to do something.

A short meditation to help focus

Today we are more and more difficult for a long time to focus on one thing, more and more often we do (or rather, trying to do) ten things at once.

All goes wrong: 8 things to keep in mind

The most frustrating thing in the world - is the realization that something is going wrong. But we can not control everything in the world, we should not even try.

How to get rid of the stereotypes and see the world with open eyes

When we look at the world is open, able to establish a close and lasting relationship.

Pessimistic thoughts - the main culprits

diseases. Along with traditional psychotherapy is now successfully used a technique of so-called positive thinking.

Rejection useful provokes diarrhea

Amoebiasis - an infection of the rectum, accompanied by frequent diarrhea. On the physical level, diarrhea indicates that the body rejects the food, not having time to digest it properly.

External circumstances can not be the cause of stress

Many people mistakenly blame their stress external factors. They think that as long as the circumstances remain unchanged, they will not be happy.

Back pain and depression

It has long been observed that people who experience chronic pain in the back, see the world in shades of gray, and it costs a lot of effort not to show others your cloudy mood.

Receipt of power provokes poyavlpenie helminths

The emergence of worms in the human body has a natural addition to the metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, underlying) cause.

6 ideas on how to train the brain to be happy

Speaking of happiness, we think first about how difficult it is, and then, looking back on his life, decide what, and so are quite happy.

5 reasons to trust the inner voice

It is called intuition or subconscious. Sometimes we fended off his whisper, sometimes wonder absurdity of their own hunches.

Metaphysical reasons

catarrhal diseases. Do you have a cold? Let us consider the metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, underlying) causes colds.


provokes diseases of the kidneys. Most people feel pain in the kidneys, but not all, at least give this any importance. But the reasons may be very different.

Conjunctivitis and Psychosomatics

Conjunctivitis - a disease that not only causes discomfort, but also greatly complicates life as striking eyes.

Psychosomatic causes of kidney disease and ways

healing. The pace of modern life trend, as more and more young people suffering from various diseases of the kidneys.

Exercises to get rid of nervous tension, doubt and anxiety

The physical and spiritual aspects of life are much stronger than you can imagine. Anyone who is healthy, full of strength and energy, would not be nervous over nothing.

10 ways to get rid of stress

In the modern world it is impossible to get rid of stress. And the output is only two: either to buy the ability to quickly forget all or learn to cope with the consequences.

How to improve stress tolerance

Without nervous experiences and psycho-emotional stress can not do in the modern world. Stress has become commonplace.

Phlebitis means that people spoil their blood

Phlebitis - an inflammation of the vein wall, accompanied by the formation of a blood clot inside the vein.

Metaphysical causes problems with the breasts

Diseases of the breast may be metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, underlying) cause.

8 effective ways to relieve nervous tension

As you boil emotions, and not positive? Do you feel that your nerves are stretched like the strings? Here are some simple and universal way to relieve stress.

Low self-esteem: Be attentive to yourself!

A person with low self-esteem perceives himself as unworthy, incompetent, all the unloved. How to get out of the whirlpool of self-critical thoughts?

Conflict and stress: ways to overcome

Stress - non-specific response of the body to the action of extreme factors, some intractable or threatening situation.

Psychotherapy and andropause

Many older men do not want to recognize the phenomenon of menopause, partly because they were not going to concede the privilege of youth sexual activity.

How to avoid fights during the holidays

Holidays we associate with happiness and family idyll. But often it is these days accounts for most fights. Why is this happening?

6 situations in which you need to say "no»

That little word has a lot of weight, but it is not easy to say to someone who is dependent on other people's opinions. Yet to deny the other (and sometimes themselves) - a vital skill.

Relax to relieve muscular armor

Muscle clip - bodily protection, which arises as a result of trauma.

Ways to relieve stress: 14 simple tips

Troubles and stress we can not escape, but we can learn to deal with their consequences.

In myasthenia important to avoid stress

Myasthenia gravis - a neuromuscular disease with typical chronic-relapsing, or chronic-progressive course.