5 ways to immediately relieve stress

A stressful state can overtake you at any time, even at the most inopportune time. Learning to remove the symptoms of stress instantly!

How to overcome stress: 8

tips. It is no secret that stresses aggravate the course of many chronic diseases, including gastro-intestinal tract.

Psychological rehabilitation after stroke

After suffering a second stroke psychological rehabilitation occupies an important place among the various forms of rehabilitation.

Willingness to sacrifice oneself provokes

parasitic diseases. Parasites - it is animal or vegetable organisms that live permanently or temporarily, at the expense of another living organism (the host) without killing it.

Communication of emotions and pain

back. As is known, very frequently arise back pain due to poor posture and wear of joints and bones. But do not underestimate the impact on the physical health of our emotions.

Personal responsibility: how to stop being a victim of circumstances

Taking responsibility, we can change their lives. But how to do that? Come to the aid proactive thinking.

Visualization for

healing. Visualization - is a technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. Visualization is not something new or unusual.

Thoughts covering heart

Thoughts, covering the heart, come to us in all sorts of varieties from the rough to the more subtle, and can be directed both on ourselves and on others.

8 qualities of a successful person

How is it that some are walking on the lucky life, while others did not succeed?

Tough defensive position, and pain in the spine

Some people see the world as something hostile, as the place where they are obviously not waiting for anything good.

Relaxation techniques for strengthening the lymphatic system

The stronger the person overcome the problem, the more stress he is experiencing. Man - being indivisible, and therefore tension entails and muscle tension.

Psychosomatics hepatitis

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Psychosomatics by Experts say that the liver is a reservoir that keeps the accumulated anger.

Gallbladder disease is always associated with

aggression. Bile - a very aggressive substance that eats away fat. Gallbladder disease is always associated with aggression, and, most likely, you do not even realize fully their aggressiveness.

How to grow old: 8 secrets

We are afraid of the loss of beauty, health, physical energy. We do not want to become incapacitated and become a burden for the family.

10 things you need to know about self-esteem

There are plenty of training courses and articles on the theme of their own self-esteem. It is useful to know what it is is!

5 life events that change us very much

We are constantly changing, although we do not always notice it. Changes in our lives can make us happier or sadder, give wisdom or make us disappointed.

Top 9 types of pain that are associated with mental

Very often our sorrows are not associated with internal problems of the body and the psyche. In medicine, for the determination of such conditions, the term "psychosomatic".

Arthritis and psychosomatic diseases

joints. Arthritis - is a complex name of joint disease. These diseases can also have a psychosomatic origin. Most often affects the knees.

Psychosomatics colitis

In addition, there are physiological causes psychosomatic diseases. Psychosomatics colitis - is the link between health and the brain activity of the nervous system.

The reasons for the problems with the spleen - an obsession and obsession

The spleen - an organ located under the left lung. The spleen provides protection against infection.

Determination of the normal level of libido is always subjective

The need for sexual activity in different individuals can not be identical. Everyone has a sexual appetite.

Top 5 exercises that will help to cope with the fear of failure

Fear of failure, blame, contempt of others stops us even when we come to mind the most brilliant ideas.

Psychosomatics kidney and its role in human health

Psychosomatics, in the opinion of modern doctors, the cause of many diseases, including renal disease.

Reduction of energy threatens to hemorrhoids

The name of the disease comes from the Greek word haimorrho & iacute; des - bleeding. In fact, hemorrhoids are frequent bleeding (especially when acts of defecation).

Why the temperature rises to

nerves. Psychosomatic reaction to stress in the form of a rise in temperature - a very common phenomenon.

Vomiting indicates a desire for liberation

If Throat was unacceptable for food "past stage", the level of protest moves in the literal and figurative sense, even deeper.

How to cheat their own laziness: 8 Ways

You have plenty of pressing matters, but you even think of them do not want to, and I want one thing: to lie on the couch and staring at the ceiling, do not think about anything What to do with their own laziness?

Psychosomatics varicose

Varicose veins - a chronic disease of the veins, which deforms their wall violates the bloodstream, stimulates blood stasis and thrombus formation.

Anger - the main cause of liver disease

For many, it is the liver is a particularly sore point in every sense. Meanwhile, the problem is your anger.

Psychosomatics and disease

throat. Most analysts say that any inflammation in the throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis or tonsillitis can cause chronic usual understatement.