Intoxication - Warning body

Causes of alcohol intoxication known psychotherapist Louise Hay calls that you allow others to take control in their hands.

Top 8 Ways to get rid of bad habits in the new year

What could be better than to start the year with a fresh outlook on life? Scientists have compiled a list of tasks, which necessarily should be achieved in the current year.

How to learn to forgive yourself

How to learn to forgive yourself for minor and major mistakes? Let's try to do it!

10 tips on how to get away from the hustle and get a taste of life

The pace of modern life often no matter what do not have time neither to a favorite hobby or for a walk before going to sleep, nor the words of love to each other.

5 ways to feel great

winter. It's cold, dark, always want to sleep It seems that the good state of health in the winter can only dream about. But the dream is easy to become a reality, if you follow the five simple rules.

8 traps on the way to happiness

On many of the events in our lives, we are able to react autopilot. This "nedoosoznannom" state is very difficult to feel the sense of freedom and harmony.

5 things you need to promise yourself not to do in the New Year

Browser MindBodyGreen Stacey Hein believes that the New Year - a great chance to start a new life. Life without self-reproach and false illusions.

Positive emotions increase immunity

Life in the XXI century has turned into a great deal of stress, but it means only one thing: to learn to stand up to him.

5 ways to beat stress New Year

The closer the New Year, the more people feel tired from the terrible traffic jams, queues, and the financial crisis.

The mood on

mental health. Cause of disease - lack of harmony in the body, because it is healthy only when its physiological, physical and spiritual components are in harmony.

Increased uric acid level needs to be able to say "no»

If you have elevated levels of uric acid in the blood, you are sure that someone exploits you, but keep your suspicions to yourself.

Reasons for increased blood clotting - blocking the flow of joy

Reasons for increased blood clotting - you override a stream of joy, says a well-known psychotherapist Louise Hay.

The reason for the formation of stones - aggression and a sense of dissatisfaction

Stones - a deposition concrements or mineral salts or organic substances (sometimes in combination with other elements) are formed under certain abnormal conditions.

The bones represent the structure of the universe

Bones in a psychological sense, symbolize the structure of the universe, says a well-known psychotherapist Louise Hay.

Kidney stones symbolize

pile of problems. Kidney stones are formed through crystallization and precipitation of certain substances in urine in excessive amounts.

5 exercises that will make you happy

Have you noticed a trend: the more harmonious you are, the more tuned to the positive - the more the miracles happen to you.

Accident - a caricature

personal problems. Many are surprised that accidents can be interpreted in the same way as a disease. People believe that this phenomenon coming from the outside, in which man himself is to blame.

Love of self cure ailments from heart

Myocarditis - an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium); As a rule, myocarditis affects young people, especially men.

The sigmoid colon lives dishonesty

The sigmoid colon lives dishonesty. If a person is looking angrily workarounds to hide everyday setbacks, the sick sigmoid colon.

Relaxation techniques in

dentist chair. Most people do not like to go to the dentist for a simple reason - because of fear of pain.

Types of personality and

thyroid disease. Between the disease and the structure of the body found a correlation between personality traits and certain diseases.

How to keep a good mood

Many people in life have to deal with many problems, overcoming great difficulties, to carry out unpleasant and heavy duty.

7 ways to keep your energy and good mood

How often have you communicated with some people or hitting a certain situation, feeling exhausted and exhausted?

Healing meditation with vascular dystonia

Get rid of the emotional stress, stress, anxiety and worry that often disturb patients with vascular dystonia, the best you can with the help of meditation.

Inflammation of the liver indicates the current conflict

Hepatitis - an inflammation of the liver caused by infection, chemical or virus.

From what and why you are "running in illness»?

To understand the problem of secondary benefits in relation to the disease, including acute respiratory disease, it is necessary to solve two major problems.

Auditory training can help with nervousness

Basic principles of autogenic training have been developed by the Berlin neurologist Johannes Heinrich Schultz in the early last century.

personality type and diabetes

Psychosomatic Medicine has established a relationship between specific human diseases and his personal characteristics (type of person).

The art of positive thinking against male diseases

The art of positive thinking, setting the mood and self-programming the most difficult and requires constant self-control and change of attitude.

How to get rid of unfulfilled desires

They say that it is absolutely become a wholly realistic is simply impossible. Unrealistic, unrealistic expectations and dreams - a part of our everyday experience.