We find a simple way to protect against recurrence of breast cancer

Half-hour walks protect women from recurrence of deadly breast cancer. This is the conclusion, researchers from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Canada inform health info, referring to medikforum.ru.

Passing through the treatment of breast cancer for women to be included in the daily schedule of walks lasting just half an hour. This kind of fitness is already powerful enough means of protection against recurrence of a dangerous disease. These are the results of a study of Canadian scientists who choose to study breast cancer recurrence risk factors in a large group of women. It turned out that to a large extent they are determined by the lifestyle of the fair sex.

In particular, if during remission after treatment woman gaining weight at 10% of body weight, it not only increases the risk of recurrence of breast cancer, but also the probability of fatal outcome of the disease. Not recommended even a slight weight gain, as it negatively affects the mood and the attitude towards one's own body.

Patients with breast cancer should refrain from physical activities that require lifting heavy weights. But 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day at least five times a week or 75 minutes of intensive exercise every week (running, cycling, aerobics) provide protection against disease recurrence. The researchers could not find some particular type of food, which would go to the benefit of this group of women and reduced the risk of recurrence.