A few rules spring detox - slimming and detox

Spring - time for rebirth and new achievements. But what do you do if you have accumulated over the winter, "energy reserves", which are deposited in the form of fatty folds? After all, you are unlikely to calm that so the body has decided to resist colds and compensate for the lack of sun during the short days!

Recall that in the winter you unwittingly increased the volume and caloric intake, decreased their physical activity and most of the time were warm and comfortable. Of course, all this affected the appearance and health in general. Many people, especially women, say that their hair, nails and skin to the end of winter is not in the best condition. They are also accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and lethargy.

"The reason must be sought in the fact that after a winter in the body is always lack of vitamins and simultaneously collects many" bad things and harm ": bad cholesterol, excess fluid and toxins", - explains nutritionist Sabina Kurbanova, whose words are quoted health info with reference to anysports .tv.

Global Cleaning

At the heart of any water purification is the saturation of the organism. Nutritionists recommend: closer to spring the number of consumed clean water should be increased up to about 2 liters a day. "Very well removes waste water, drunk on an empty stomach (either bottled or mineral water without gas). Drink a glass of 2-2.5 for a couple hours before breakfast "- advises specialist in detox Kira Trinity. It is best to add to the water a little lemon juice, and if there is no allergy - honey, but no more than 1 teaspoon per liter.

During the day, before each meal drink 1.5 cups of water or herbal tea (decoction of rose hips, chamomile, etc.). These drinks help restore energy balance and saturate the body with vitamins (especially vitamin C, which is necessary to strengthen the immune system).

The last portion of water should be drunk within 2 hours before bedtime. For better effect detox Kira Trinity recommends simultaneously take activated charcoal or other adsorbent. And if the cleansing process will be more effective to add to the program of cleansing salon treatment.

Breathing exercises

The good part of detox become a short set of breathing exercises. They can be performed at any free time. So you increase the metabolism in the body and oxygenate tissues. Learn to breathe slowly - in through the nose and exhale mouth. After inhalation, hold your breath for 5 seconds.

In the morning after sleep take a few deep breaths while the rise on your toes and pulling arms forward, and when you exhale lower yourself to the full foot and pull your hands along the body. Then follow the inclinations towards breath and a slow exhale - is rectified. You can also do a few sit-ups (inspiratory) and downs (exhale).

Review your diet

Do you feel a little put on weight over the winter? on healthy eating experts advise immediately sit on a rigid diet - this may be an additional stress for the body, which wants soon to return the lost weight and sometimes add superfluous - for a "rainy day."

To begin to exclude from the diet all flour and sweet, Minimize intake of fat (but do not forget about the beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital to us).

Can a few days to try mono-diet - for example, rice (rice - excellent absorbent). Since it is well combined salad of fresh greens and cucumbers, yogurt, low-fat and drinking unsweetened yogurt. However, be aware of the need to receive vitamin and mineral complex, as with toxins from the body washed away many vitamins and minerals.

How to get out of "hibernation"?

Rule ?1- no starvation diets and rapid;

Rule ?2 - nutrition with observance small portions - no more than 250 grams - are reducing the volume of the stomach;

Rule ?3 - make it easy diet, replacing meat with fish. Reduces the amount of dairy products and coffee, drink more pure water. "I advise you to another day if there are no contraindications, eat grapefruit 1" - complements the recommendation of dietician Julia Turin;

Rule ?4 - twice a week to arrange fasting days - on vegetables, cereals, fruit (it is better to have a bit in the first half of the day), sauerkraut, nuts, vegetable oil;

Rule ?5 - prepare only for a couple or bake, also exclude heavy combinations (for example, bread with butter or jam);

Rule ?6 - as much as you can move, walk or run outdoors. Adding any fitness training (in the street, in the hall of the house);

Rule ?7 - be sure to get enough sleep, otherwise all our efforts will go down the drain detox.

Cheer up your body not only by changes in diet and the addition of activity - fill life with positive emotions: smiling, enjoy the upcoming spring and do everything with pleasure. In any case important is attitude, and if you decide to upgrade - even more so!