5 breakfasts that get rid of excess weight and problems with

Breasts, slim waist, taut thighs and buttocks sexy Do you want to find all the charms as soon as possible? - Lean on cereals! 5 kinds of useful porridge for breakfast for weight loss help postroynet will add vigor to become a guarantor of your health and attractiveness, told nutritionists, whose opinion is divided health info with reference to goodhouse.ru.

Not long ago, Harvard researchers concluded that consumption of cereals could be the key to longevity. People on the dining table which is often present cereal, feel better and look younger in comparison to those who did not welcome this kind of food. In addition, they are more protected against disease and heart disease such as diabetes.

on healthy eating experts advise not to be limited to one or two types of cereal on the table, and there are at least 3 & minus; 4 different cereals in the week. After all, each of them has its own unique properties.

Tasty and healthy breakfast cereals


For harmony and grace

Buckwheat porridge called the queen of all, and for good reason. It has almost all the useful properties of other cereals. It is low-calorie, making it a favorite dish of all losing weight, and hypoallergenic, as devoid of gluten. This remarkable product has no contraindications and can be used as often as you do! By the way, there is buckwheat useful not only women but also men. On the stronger sex, this delicious porridge influences, similar in effect to the aphrodisiac. In other words, it increases the potency.

The composition of buckwheat is very wide vitamins: A, E, PP, and almost the entire range of group B. Rich Buckwheat and trace elements. It contains cobalt - a substance that strengthens the nervous system; Ni - member increases hemoglobin; Potassium - the first "strengthener" muscles and bones; and selenium - a substance Detoxifying.

100 g of cereal - 132 kcal.

Rice porridge

For full and
The most useful is considered porridge with dark or wild rice. But other kinds of treats are good for a diet. Fig perfectly nourishes and gives energy for the whole day. Garnish from it is neutral in taste, so it can safely be added to porridge juicy berries and fruit or supplement slices of fish, meat delicacies.

In the rice cereal is almost full set of amino acids necessary for brain power. All this ultimately is reflected perfectly in your intellect. And in the rice contains folic acid - an essential element in the planning period of pregnancy and the first weeks of fetal development. And the final bonus - rice tends to clean the body by intoxication because congee - a first means for mild food poisoning.

100 g of cereals - 78 kcal.

Millet porridge

For the health of the heart and liver

This sunny view of porridge, so named for the pale yellow shade of cereals, - a real cure for diseases of the heart and liver. It contains just unimaginable amount of protein, potassium and magnesium, trace elements, which are so fond of the heart. Because doctors recommend millet porridge people suffering from disturbances in the cardiovascular system. In addition, millet regulates the liver, removes toxins, heavy metal ions. It helps relieve nervous tension and physical fatigue.

Millet porridge - the perfect dinner option, it is possible to eat even late at night without harm to the figures. You do not know how to diversify the taste of porridge? - Add the nuts, sweet pumpkin or honey. But remember: millet is difficult to digest by people with reduced or zero acidity of the stomach. So gastritis display a sense of measure!

100 g of cereals - 90 kcal.


For health and beauty

Once in the stomach, oatmeal "dissolved", turning into a porous viscous mass. It absorbs and removes toxins, toxic and ballast substances that we are old, tiring and provoke disease. But that is not all! A large number of dietary fiber in oatmeal cleanses the intestines, causing it to run like clockwork. As a result, fans of this porridge normalizes metabolism, reduces weight, improves the look and feel.

Oatmeal - a real storehouse of beauty vitamins. It abounds with biotin (vitamin H) participating in the structure of cells, improves skin and nails. It is present and vitamin K, which has the ability to reduce the body's levels of specific substances, perceived as a signal to immune aging. And, of course, can not do without vitamin E, prolonging female youth and beauty.

Oatmeal is excellently combined with dried fruits, honey, berries and nuts. With such a delicious and healthy breakfast, your diet will always be tasty and nutritious.

100 g of cereals - 88 kcal.

Barley porridge

For youth and longevity

Garnish pearl barley porridge is simply irreplaceable on the table, because it has a strong anti-age effect, prevents aging of cells. Contained in Perlovka lysine - an essential amino acid, has been actively involved in the production of collagen, thus slowing the process of age-related appearance of wrinkles and promoting smoothness and elasticity of the skin. And barley - the only cereal that has a part of fitomelatonin - the hormone responsible for sweet dreams and restore the body's defenses.

Priceless barley and for those whose work is related to the emotional overload. If you feel that emotions overflowing and you plant a half-turn, eat a serving of barley, it will soothe and inspire you to positive mood and good spirits.

100 g of cereal - 109 kcal.