Scientists claim that the sex change dramatically

Scientists from the US futurologists have come to the conclusion that in the near future such a sphere of human communication as sex, expect drastic changes. Representations of sex and its role in modern society will be completely inverted compared to today's standards, the researchers said, according to health info with reference to

According to scientists from all basic needs and human action, sex in the history of civilization it has changed the least. But in the foreseeable future is radically changed - mainly due to the development of technology.

Known in the US futurist Zoltan Istvan spoke about what people expect the onset of the present era of virtual sex. This practice will enter into the life of devices with virtual reality, he said. Such, for example, may be virtual reality glasses, or gadgets that recognize gestures.

"Science knows about the brain enough to create implants that can stimulate those centers, which are responsible for sexual pleasure, without going through the process of direct sex" - shared his opinion Zoltan Istvan.

At the same time expert noted that sophisticated "virtual" technology will not be the only novelty, because of which sex is completely changed. Among such know-how and futurist sees the development of the field of male contraception.

In the future, in order to enjoy sex, no longer need them to do, the expert said.